Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book trailers

The Anne-girl, from Scribblings of my pen and tappings of my keyboard, just posted her first book trailers.
I'm very susceptible to trailers. I love book trailers even more than movie trailers because there are tons of movie trailers, but very few book trailers.
So, thank you anne-girl, I am now in the mood to make trailers. I am thinking I shall make a book trailer for The Arthurian Chronicles, one my latest writing endeavors, which focuses on King Arthur. It is three parts (I haven't finished part two yet, though): Of the Crowning of Arthur, The Exploits of Arthur, and.... well, like I said, I haven't finished part two. :) However, I have some great ideas as to who ought to portray who... though Mahalath could be difficult. I just love Mahalath. She's just so... annoyingly cheery!
I shall post my book trailer as soon as I can (I can see you all rolling your eyes, since you know by now that that will be a while from now). It seems as if I make more promises than actual posts.
As a side note, I really want to do the next Beautiful People thingy, but it seems as if they haven't done their June edition? I might do their May edition if they don't post the June one soon.


  1. Sorry, I just deleted ALL the comments! I am really bad at this...

  2. A book trailer for the Arthurian Chronicles is a good idea! When you someday publish your books, I'll be your number one reader. All the books you've mentioned to me sound great! in the future, I hope to get to read all of them. in case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of a book worm.


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