Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Healthy Snacks/ Promise/Recommendation/

Okay, so eating healthy meals isn't all that hard - but what about the in-between times when one feels the pangs of hunger? You have these options:
Option one: Buy healthy snacks that cost many $.
Option two: Buy not-so-healthy snacks, therewith saving $ and compromising your morals.
Option three: Make your own snacks, which usually you have to do a day (or an hour) in advance.
Option three is definitely the best, but, as I pointed out, they aren't usually easy or quick.
These are two of my favorite simple recipes - I have other favorites, but they aren't as quick.

Unsalted Sunflower seeds
Chocolate chips

Take a handful of sunflower seeds accompanied by two-three chocolate chips. (Can you believe how simple this is???)

Ambrosial Trail Mix
(Note: I did come up with this by myself, so it is patented. The above recipe is not, since my mother thought of it first [or maybe someone else suggested it to her])

  •  One box of Nature's Path 'Pomegran Plus™ Granola' (I recommend their cereals and granolas)
  •  Semi-sweet chocolate chips, probably about a 1/4 cup
  • Raisins, maybe a 1/3 cup?
  • Unsalted Sunflower seeds, about 1/4 cup
  • Coconut flakes, about 1/4 cup??
  • Dried goji berries, about 1/4 cup???

So, the main component of this is the granola, but the other ingredients are pretty optional. Just mix them together like a normal trail mix.
Goji berries are rather expensive,  but even just using a small amount gives the snack a good flavor. We get ours at a local, one-location store, but they can probably be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Natural Grocers or Costco.
Whenever I create a new recipe like this, I never measure ingredients; I just add however much I think is necessary, so feel free to tweak the amounts.

A recipe I stumbled across the other day can be found here. I've followed the recipe to the letter, and I've also tried adding peanut butter, both of which brought great success.
And of course, I'm a die hard fan of Elana's Pantry.

I promise a book review soon, a review of the first two books of The Lamb Among the Stars series, written by Chris Walley. And I promise that it will be a good review! I love these books!!!!

I am giving a musical recommendation. Several, in fact. If you like bands, check out
If you like artists better, look up
  • Kari Jobe (esp. 'We Are,' 'Find You on My Knees,' and 'Steady My Heart'), 
  • Ginny Owens (esp. 'Run to You,' 'With Me,' and 'Simply Love You'), 
  •  Francesca Battistelli (esp. 'This is the Stuff,' 'Constant,' 'Blue Sky,' 'Beautiful, Beautiful,' 'Someday Soon,' 'I'm Letting Go,' or 'Free to be Me') ,
  • Jamie Grace (esp. 'Hold Me,' 'With You,' 'God Girl,' '1945,' or 'Show Jesus')
  • or Bethany Dillon (esp. 'Exodus (Faithful)', 'Lead Me On,' 'Great Big Mystery,' or 'All I Need')
I think I ought to have some sort of reward. I just used more links in one post than I ever have before.


  1. I like Francesca Battistelli and Jamie Grace too. They're two of my favorite christian singers on joyfm. Mandisa and Toby Mac are good sing on joyfm too. Do you listen to joyfm? Please reply.

  2. I haven't heard of joyfm. What is it? I've heard about two songs by Mandisa and Tobymac. Do you have any favorite songs by them?

  3. Joyfm is a radio station. My favorite song by Mandisa is Good morning, and my favorite song by Toby Mac is Get back up again. 99.1 Joyfm is a christian radio station, and it's really good. You should listen to it. Please reply.

  4. I will certainly check it out! I listen to 91.5 on the radio, but that's all.

  5. I have been listening to that ipod on your blog. I like most of the song on there. You have a great taste in music!

  6. Thanks! I think I have 15 songs on there, most of which are my favorite songs ever!

  7. Have you ever heard of Taylor Swift? She's my favorite country singer ever! One of her songs that I like is Our Song.

  8. Yes, I've heard OF her, but I've only heard a few song BY her.

  9. What's your favorite song on that ipod on your blog? Mine's We live from Superchick. My second favorite would be Show me Jesus by Jamie Grace, and my third favorite would be Hold Me.

  10. Whoa- hard question! I have several favorites:
    Find You My Knees by Kari Jobe, Popular (from the musical Wicked), J'y Suis Jamais Alle (from Amelie), Give Until There's Nothing Left by Relient K (!!!), By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North, The Trailer Song from the Hobbit, and, yeah, that was a really tough decision, since ALL the songs on my ipoddy thingy are my favorite songs!!!! That was probably a longer answer than you wanted, so I guess I'll stop here. :)

  11. Actually, I like all of them on there. that was a good idea to put music on your blog. so I know that I picked a really hard question. I've never heard of Superchick until now. they are really good! I think my favorite song on there from Superchick would be We Live. I like basicly all the artists you like that are on here. especially Franchesca Battistelli! She's awsome!

  12. Well, I'm glad you found a new band! That was the purpose of the music - to share some of my favorites with y'all.

  13. What would be your favorite song by Francessca Battistelle? What would be your favorite song by Jamie grace? for Jamie Grace, I would pick either Show Me Jesus, or Hold Me for my favorite song by her.

  14. Jamie= Probably With You.
    Frannie (Yes, she does go by that!)= Beautiful, Beautiful, or This is the Stuff.
    You should check out Tenth Avenue North, Hillsong United, or Relient K. They are currently my fav singers/bands. Specially Relient K.

  15. If you had to pick between Franchesca and Jamie for which singer you like better, which one would you pick? I'd probably pick Jamie Grace.

  16. Francessca. But I like Kari Jobe better than either, actually. She sings "We Are" "Healer" "Beautiful" "Find You on My Knees" and "Steady My Heart".
    If you click "Menu" on my ipod thingy, then you can find those songs.

  17. I listened to the songs. They were very good!


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