Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quill Pens

I was thinking earlier today, how perhaps I should change my name. Because I'm not always writing, and, when I am writing, I write on the computer. If I'm not on the computer, I'm using a pencil, except if I'm writing an invitation or signing a check or something important like that.
But then I thought, I'm sort of like a quill pen. We all are.

[She's kind of weird.  * WHY * am I reading this blog, again?]

 Stick with me a moment. I am a quill pen, sort of pretty, but hollow. Useless without ink. Empty. Hollow. Pretty but nothing more.
What is the purpose of a quill pen? To be used. To write a story. To be filled with ink.
By myself I am a shell. Empty and useless. A pretty shelf-decoration, at best. A forgotten bird part, at worst.
In comes the ink. Silky, smooth, pretty. God is the ink. Without ink, a quill pen is pretty much useless.
Then comes the ink. The ink fills the hollow spots in a way that the air can't. It changes the quill pen from an unnecessary space-filler to an artist's brush. Suddenly, the little boring quill pen is writing stories like sunsets blooming into beauty.

I want to bloom, too. I want my ink. I'm ready to be useful.


  1. I think quill pin is a good name change. That is a good comparison for you and a quill pin. You are smart.

  2. I'm not changing my name; 'quill pen' was referring to 'Pen' of Awdur. Thank you! I'm not that smart; too often I forget that without my ink, I'm not worth anything.


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