Friday, July 6, 2012

Beautiful People

Creative, but slightly annoying. No questions??? So, neither The Mad Elvish Poet nor I really liked this idea. Why do I not like it? Because when I make up questions that I, myself, have to answer, I'm obliged to think about the character I'm doing it for and choose questions that are easy to answer in regard to that character. So Charis and I are exchanging questions. She has written mine, and I am writing hers. My next post shall be in answer of her questions.
Feel free to tag me and use the questions from this post.

1. Is he/she embarrassed easily? How do they react to embarrassing situations?
2. Is there someone that he/she can open up to?
3. Is there someone who particularly makes her/him uncomfortable?
4. Is he/she reclusive or people-friendly - an introvert or an extrovert?
5. Is he/she generally honest?
6. How do other people react to him/her?
7.  Does he/she make people feel comfortable or ostracized?
8. What would his/her optimum day be?
9. Does he/she know lots of people?
10. Is he/she musical?

Well, there they are. Not very impressive, perhaps, but not too shabby.

Sidenote: I have updated my great books list and had a successful babysitting job (surprising, since I got 7.5 hrs of sleep last night, spent my first 3.5 hrs in the heat, and only remembered we were babysitting when we were an hour away from the job!)!

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