Sunday, July 15, 2012

Story Snippets

Okay, so I would like to encourage other new writers: your stories will get better and they will get longer. In fact, I now find it difficult to write good short stories. As examples, I shall post two stories I wrote when I was younger. As an example of how I have [I hope] improved over time, I shall then post a couple snippets from my better stories.

The Real Fourth of July
Written at age 7-8


   This is why we celebrate the 4th of July: Freedom and Liberty. But this is the story behind it. The story of Einhorn.
One day, Einhorn, the father of all unicorns, was walking in the forest when he came to a castle. The windows and door of the castle were wide open, and he saw large numbers of unicorns, talking and laughing inside. The door looked into a large hall, with a  beautiful woman standing near the door. She smiled at Einhorn, saying: "Come in, come in." But, no sooner did he come in, then than the doors slammed, the unicorns disappeared, and the woman changed! Now it was just a hall, with shut-tight door and windows, and an evil elf!
She laughed and in a much different voice said: "Alright unicorn." Then she lashed out at Einhorn's neck and hooves with a rope, and in a minute, he was tied.
   "You cannot keep me trapped here!" He cried        "And why not?!" Said the elf mockingly.
   Saphyra (for that was her name), dragged him into a tower, and used magic and strong bonds to bind him. After that she left and locked the door.

   That night, she came with food and began to question him about the unicorns location and their plans. He would not answer, fearing for his mate, and all the rest. Each meal was the same, until a month had passed. Einhorn had been captured on June 2nd; it was now July 2nd.
Now at this time, there were a great many unicorns, but Einhorn was the first one, and the leader.
Saphyra knew this, and when she found out that the other unicorns were going to storm her castle, she wasn't too happy. She was even more unhappy( and even fearful) when they used their magic to make one of the castle towers crumble. On the 3rd, at 10:00 she came to Einhorn, and with out saying anything, began to untie him, but it took 2 hours. So, on the 4th of July, Einhorn ran into the forest, happily prancing.
 Now the unicorns had planned to storm the castle today. So as is happened as Einhorn was running, he met them. His mate, Silver-hoof was leading them, with many others behind her.
And that is the real story of the 4th of July.

The Story of Lindsay and Elizabeth
Written at age 7-8

 Once there was a king and queen who loved each other very much. Almost as much they wanted a child. One day a baby girl was born. They called her Lindsay. Not 3 years later another baby girl was born. They called her Elizabeth. Now at the time Elizabeth was born, there was a war going on. Only a week after Elizabeth was born, when Lindsay was 2 years old, there was an attack on the castle.The king was killed in the attack. Fearing for the children's safety, the queen sent Eliabeth and Lindsay to live with a kind old washer woman, giving money to the woman to take care of them. She herself ran away to a forest.

         Chapter 2- 12 years later
  Elizabeth and Lindsay were sisters and best friends. They were hardly apart. Whether it was one working the loom and the other the spindle, they were together, talking all the way.
"Remember that time you put a cup of soap in, instead of a teaspoon?" asked Lindsay.
"I was little! Only 5 years old!" Replied Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was twelve and her sister fourteen.
"That wasn't so long ago!" Teased Lindsay.
Elizabeth laughed. "We had better hurry up so we will be done by the time mother gets here." said Elizabeth.
"Drop a little more wool for Elizabeth to spin, Lindsay dear." said their mother.
They were all sitting by the fire, Elizabeth spinning, their mother knitting.
"Yes, Mother." Lindsay answered.
"Today when I was at market the town crier brought news of a war." commented their mother.
"Oh, how dreadful!" said Elizabeth.
"Well, it's time for you to go to bed. Good night."
"Good night, Mother." They both chorused.

      Chapter 3 The Next Night
"Children, we have a visitor who wants to talk to you." Elizabethand Lindsay stared at... the queen!
"Who are you?" Lindsay asked.
"I'm many things... I used to be the queen of this place, but now I'm just your mother."
"Our mother!" Lindsay and Elizabeth said in unison.
"If that;s true, why do we live here?" said Elizabeth.
"And why did we never hear about you?" asked Lindsay.
"When Elizabeth was born the country was at war just as it is now. Your father was killed during an attack on the castle. Fearing for your safety, I sent you to live with my old friend, Anna here. I myself went and got a job and lived near you. Every time when Anna took a long time at market, she was talking to me. Do you understand?" she said.
"Yes." was her answer.
"But I do have one more question." said Lindsay. "Why did you come tonight?"
The queen took a deep breath. "I decided I didn't want to lose you in this war like I lost your father. So I decided I want you both and Ann to come live with me."
Elizabeth(who had been crying ever since her mother said 'fearing for your safety...') said,
"I want to come with you."
The queen took both her and Lindsay in her arms, saying,
"I'm glad."

     Chapter 4 The Runaway
"We should do something about this war; after all, we're the princesses of the country." said Lindsay as she fluffed up her pillow. It was two days later, and she and Elizabeth were getting into bed.
"That's true. We shouldn't let Ruthben take over." Replied Elizabeth.
"Let's run away together."
"Run away?" Elizabeth repeated fearfully.
"Yes, run away. Tomorrow we'll pack some supplies, and at nighttime sneak out. Goodnight." said Lindsay staunchly.
"Extra clothes?" began Lindsay.
"Then we are all set. Ready?" asked Lindsay.
"Ready." replied Elizabeth.
Lindsay opened the door. She and Elizabeth tiptoed out. Bags thumping against their shoulders, they ran. For Anna and their mother they left a note saying:
Dear Mother and Anna,
 We decided to do something about this war. We hope you are not mad.
Be back soon.
Lindsay and Elizabeth.
"There's Ruthben's castle." whispered Elizabeth.
It was the third day of their runaway and they had finally reached Ruthben's castle. Elizabeth shuddered.
"Oh, it's not that scary." said Lindsay, as if reading her mind.
"I'm not scared."
"Come on. Let's sneak in."
The girls crept up to the castle, and scurried around a corner.
"Here's a cellar door; let's go in that way." said Elizabeth.
"Shh." replied Lindsay, nodding.
Together they lifted the trap door. It creaked alarmingly.
The tiptoed down. It was black as night. They entered a large tunnel, still dark. After walking a while, they came to a door that was on the ceiling. Elizabeth boosted Lindsay, and Lindsay opened the door. She looked around; seeing she was in an empty corridor, she pulled Elizabeth up. They looked around, and ran down the hall. They found a staircase and ran up. The sisters came to a closed door.
Lindsay opened it. The room was full of armor.
"We'll need swords." said Lindsay.
She picked up two swords and two sheaths. They closed the door behind them and ran farther down the hall. They came to a door marked "RUTHBEN".
    Chapter 6 Ruthben
Lindsay and Elizabeth drew their swords. Lindsay opened the door.
A guard leaped at them! Lindsay conked him on the head with her sword, and he fell over. Lindsay leapt over him. Seeing Ruthben, she ran at him, ignoring the other guard.
Elizabeth screamed. The guard had knocked the sword out of her hand and was pinning her down! Lindsay knocked the guard off of her and handed Elizabeth's sword to her. Elizabeth hit the guard on the head with the flat of her sword; he fell over to.
The two sisters leaped as one at Ruthben. His back to Elizabeth, he pulled the sword out of Lindsay's hand and held his sword point at her throat! Elizabeth stabbed him in the arm; when he spun around, Lindsay cut his leg!
He backed up so that he could see both of them. Lindsay and Elizabeth rushed to him; Lindsay knocked his sword out of his hand, pushing it away with her foot. Elizabeth held her sword ready at his heart.
Lindsay put her hand on Elizabeth's sword, and together, they pushed! Ruthben screamed and fell over, dead.
The two sisters looked at each other and smiled.
Chapter 7 New Friends
Lindsay and Elizabeth walked down the hall. They had found out(from the cook) that nobody wanted to be Ruthben's servants; they had been forced to be.
"Now that you have saved us, you shall become our princesses." She had said. "The Princesses of Azalae!"
"You know," commented Lindsay. "We're already princesses of Relcorr."
"Why don't we split it up? I'll be Princess of Relcorr, and you can be Princess of Azalae!" said Elizabeth.
"Alright!" answered Lindsay.
"And I crown you Lindsay, Princess Lindsay of Azalae. These countries I have just name Princesses for shall be joined in sistership." said the old general.
They were all on the border between Azalae and Relcorr two days later. Kissing each other good bye, the two princesses each departed in their own carriage, to their own kingdom.

This is a snippet from A Dragon Story, Part 3 ( I think):

Thunder, sitting on his haunches next to Katir, Serene, Clouds, Puff, Jimmy, and Faye, watched as Amory popped through the portal, and the glowing orb-thing sagged.
“Now we just have to wait for Radamir.” He said.
“Well…” Amory looked somber.
“Well what? Did something happen?” Serene gasped. She looked very frightened and was holding very tightly to her left ring finger.
“I am afraid that this portal maybe to broken down for him to come through. And… well…”(here he explained what he told Radamir about portals) “and… I believe he was going to attempt it.”
Serene sat down, staring at the ground as if she had never seen it before. Thunder felt sorry for her, thinking of how he would feel if he knew something had happened to Katir.
“I am going back.” She said in a broken voice.
“Do you not see that that would do no good? In fact, you would make his chances of coming out of there smaller. He has probably gone through now if he is ever going to. Because the gateway is tired, let us way a moment. He may emerge.” But Amory sound as if he doubted it.
The small party waited, Serene staring at the gateway, Katir with one wing around her shoulders, and holding her forefoot. Each passing moment, Jimmy looked more grim, Amory’s face muscles tightened, and Thunder knew that he- he who had always hid his true emotions behind a barrier of laughs- revealed himself in his face. Puff had just let out a whimper, and Faye was stirring, when Amory said again, for the second time that day,
“It is time. If he has not come out now, I do not think that he will.”
Serene leapt up, shaking both dragonesses off of her, and started to jump into the gateway. Katir grabbed her and pulled her back. Serene tried once more, but Katir held on tightly. Serene tried again and again, but each time, Katir would hold on to her. Finally Serene let out an anguished howl(and there is nothing worse than a dragoness’s howl when she has lost her sweetheart), and turned away with tears streaking down her face.
Katir, who’s eyes also had a few tears, gently led Serene after Amory, who had started toward a valley.
“We will go there,” he said. “to rest a bit and get some food. Some wholesome food without that wing and flame poison. It is will get it out of our systems.”
Faye woke at this moment, and everything had to be explained to her. Jimmy made short work of the long explanation along the way to the valley.
Thunder heard her muttering.
“Poor Serene. Oh, poor, poor, poor Serene. Having the chance of marriage snatched right away.”
Marriage? That startled Thunder. He looked over at Serene, and then caught sight of what Faye must have already seen. A white ring was one Serene’s ring finger. That must have been why she was holding the finger so tightly.
Then Thunder knew. It did not matter what happened. He had to risk it, or he could never live happily again.
“Katir, get over here.” The words came out not as gracefully as he intended them to, but for some reason, Thunder felt what he had to do was urgent.
Katir glared at him, for the first time ever, but came to the back of the ‘procession’.
“What?” she spat out.
Thunder sighed. “Katir, I need you to listen, because I need to say something that I have been wanting to say for years. When I first met you, you seemed so innocent and sweet, and then so lively, that I knew, I knew, that we would be friends. And when Flight almost killed you, I knew that I craved more than your friendship, and that I gave more than friendship. I love you Katir. If you love me, I will never let you go. I know you probably do not, and probably never will, care for me, but I had to tell you. I long for you to be happy, so if you would not be happy as my wife, then I will not be angry. I just want you to be happy.”
Throughout his speech, Katir’s face had changed from angry and annoyed, to tender, and… loving.
“Thunder?” she whispered. “Is this a proposal?”
“Only if you want it to be. ” He said, just as quietly, hesitantly taking one of her forefeet.
“Thunder, I always thought… I never knew… I did not dare to hope…”
Thunder cut her off by drawing her completely into his arms.
“Do you mean yes?”
Katir smiled.

Snippet 2: This is chapter 3 and 5 of Adrielle, Queen of Relcorr (I really like the capital italic Q... Q... Q... Q... I've been really liking italics lately...)

The cell was wet, dark, and small-only 25 feet square-with a thin blanket in the corner. The soldier shoved Adrielle down on the blanket, then slammed and locked the door.
She tried to keep up her courage by resiting nursery rhymes her mother had taught her; first the one about people's faults, then another one, that went something like this:
Life is fading
Sun is shading
Darkness falls over all.

Death is coming
Hear the drumming
Of men's battle call.

Elves are crying
As they're dying
There is not much left of us.

We are splitting
It is fitting
That all our hearts are crushed.

Leave each other
Leave your brother
Hide in separate places.

No message send
To any friend
Do not leave any traces.

We will be one
When pain is done
When done are all the elf hunts.
  Adrielle did not mean to cry, but tears did come. She wept for a few minutes, then began to think, though no relief came from that direction. It was all so hopeless. How could she have thought that she could get through this? How could she think that her helping in the battle would erase prejudice as old as the cell walls around her? Why would she have thought that she could get an audience with the busy king who cared nothing for orphaned elf girls?
Adrielle's mother's last cry rang through her head.
"And never say that you are an elf!" Why had she not listened to her?
Adrielle's thoughts were cut off. Far down the corridor, a door was being opened. A man's voice drifted in.
"... think we should release him, Lord Pogit. After all, he just stole from the king's orchard. He has been here a month." The voice came from a young man, and sounded rather sad.
"I know, Lord Aranor, but King Goreir is still rather mad. Oh, and this last prisoner. She came just today. An ELF who wants to talk to the king." This voice was deep, and a bit bored sounding. Adrielle watched as the two speakers approached her cell. A  tall young man with wavy dark hair and blue eyes, was assumable Aranor. The other was supposedly Lord Pogit. Pogit was rather short, and very stout.
Adrielle looked at them. They looked at her.
"Never seen an elf. I always wanted to see one." Pogit sounded as if he was talking about a thing, not woman. Then again, many men consider them one and the same.
"Come, maiden, what do want?" Aranor said gently, yet questioningly. "You must want to talk to the king very badly to come out of hiding. You knew you would be captured." He turned to Pogit. "What did she do that she is here?"
Lord Pogit looked uncomfortable. "Well... she is... well she is an elf!" he finished finally. Adrielle snorted.
"So she did not DO anything?" Said Aranor in a voice straining to be polite.
"She fought in the battle of Osgiliath. That is, she fought on our side, but the governor said it 'was for devious purposes that are currently unknown'."
"If they are unknown, how does he know they are devious purposes and not just honest ones?" Aranor said bluntly.
Lord Pogit shifted from one foot to the other and tugged on a lock of his greying red-brown hair.
"Well, I did not put her here, Aranor, so do not get angry at me." He said at last.
Aranor shrugged one shoulder.
"No, I am not angry at YOU. Or not exactly angry at you, anyway." Aranor replied, frowning slightly.
The two men left her then, Aranor shaking his head and muttering about talking to King Gorneir.
Adrielle looked after Lord Aranor with a sigh. He seemed nice. If she ever got out of here, she would like to marry someone like him... maybe not just someone LIKE him, but... NO! She had to be sensible.
What was she thinking? She was an elf in prison. Aranor was probably prejudiced like the rest of them, and if he wanted to help her or felt sorry for her, it was just that: feeling sorry for her. Adrielle pulled herself together. One way or another, she probably would not live long, and she should not be thinking about romance.
Still, she was glad at least to have a palace official who felt sorry for her, if nothing else. Adrielle smiled ever so slightly as she looked at the ring Darla had given her, resting on her finger. If only she could get out and into the city, she could see Darla's relatives! She did not expect they would be rich, but perhaps respected by everyone, and as Adrielle was not exactly 'respected' it would be nice to have someone to back her up.
Adrielle spent an hour more thinking on all of this, when it began to rain. And like most rain, it did not come straight down. It came sideways, through the teeny cell window. Straight onto Adrielle's blanket.
Adrielle hopped up and set about moving the thin blanket out of the rain, but it was soaked immediately. Adrielle sighed and gave up trying to move it. She instead went to a corner and stood, wet, cold, hungry, and miserable. The soldiers had not fed her well-just two scanty meals per day- and her last edibles had been breakfast.
Outside the window, the sky was dark, and rain pelted harder and faster into the cell, reaching even Adrielle's far corner. She gave a laugh without humor, and then began to cry softly. This went on for a while- wet, hungry, cold. Wet, hungry, cold. Adrielle's feet began to hurt with the force of the rain hitting them. She wished for her soft leather boots, but when she had left Oswenath, the soldiers had taken away all her belongings excepting her cloak and dress. Adrielle had hidden her necklace beneath her gown, and was glad when
Outside the window, the sky was dark, and rain pelted harder and faster into the cell, reaching even Adrielle's far corner. She gave a laugh without humor, and then began to cry softly. This went on for a while- wet, hungry, cold. Wet, hungry, cold. Adrielle's feet began to hurt with the force of the rain hitting them. She wished for her soft leather boots, but when she had left Oswenath, the soldiers had taken away all her belongings excepting her cloak and dress. Adrielle had hidden her necklace beneath her gown, and was glad when the soldiers did not notice the slight bulge.
A few hours later, a soldier came, tossed a cup at her, threw some hard bread at her, laughed as it hit a dirty puddle in the corner, and left.
Adrielle's stomach grumbled, and she forced herself to go to the corner. She picked up the bread, and tried to dry it on her dress, but the gown was just as soaked and as dirty as the bread. She grimaced, and raised it to her lips. It smelled like rotten eggs, sweat, and unwashed people. Adrielle felt nauseated. She could not eat it! Her stomach gave her a jab of protest. Adrielle felt the bread. It was no longer rock-hard, but spongy, covered in mold, and when she squeezed it, mud oozed out.
Adrielle DID wretch then, though it did her no good except to make her stomach yet more empty.
She had to eat it! Adrielle might rather have starved, but her instincts to survive kicked in, and she shoved the bread half of the bread into her mouth.
It tasted like it smelled- plus what Adrielle thought cerumen and maggots. Adrielle looked down at the other half of the bread. There WERE maggots in it! Adrielle spat out what she was eating, hating to think what she had already swallowed.
Apparently the guard had not left, for Adrielle heard laughing behind her. She turned.
A scullery maid and the guard of before were splitting their sides, gripping each other's shoulders to keep from falling over.
Adrielle closed her eyes, wishing she could close her ears, too.
They kept laughing, and did not leave until the rain grew harder, and little rivulets of water pooled around their feet. Then , still laughing, they left the dungeon.
Adrielle was thirsty, and turned to the water. When the guard threw the mug at her, most of its contents got washed out. Now it was filled with muddy water, with two dead bugs, and slimy stuff that Adrielle had not the faintest idea(nor did she wish to know) what it was. She poured the water out and threw the cup out of the door.
Adrielle sat down by the door and wept until she fell asleep, a long while later.
In the morning, the rain had stopped and the sun had come out. Adrielle yawned, and hoped it was a sign that the day would be better too.
Adrielle sat in her cell from 7:00 to 9:00 without anything happening. Adrielle was just thinking that if boredom was not the worst affliction she had here she would be dead within a day, when she heard footsteps. She looked up.
It was Aranor. Alone.
"I have to beg your pardon for your unfair capture, and to tell you that I have talked to King Gorneir concerning it. He arranged to have a trial with you in ten days. I apologize that it is not sooner."
Adrielle gazed up at him, struck dumb with his kindness... and his eyes.
"I... I... I thank you for your kindness to a stranger. Not many would do the same." she replied finally.
"You are welcome. Among our other duties, Lord Pogit-the man who was with me last night- try to make rounds of the cells and make sure no one is here for no reason or for a worthless one." He replied, then added, "I will check on you tomorrow." Turning, Aranor strode away.
Adrielle stared after him. Yes, she would very much like indeed to marr- No! She had to stop this! She was an elf, he was a human, and no current king would ever let them be seen together, let alone be married. Adrielle brought her thoughts to a halt and made her consciousness listen to her.
"I am an elf." she said out loud, slowly and decisively. "It would never work, he would never want to, and I will probably not live long enough anyway.",
Adrielle sighed, and started counting the cracks in the wall. This would be a long day. A very long day.
And a long day it was, the only highlight before dinner being that it started to rain again. Adrielle saw the black clouds, and had the foresight to move her mildew-smelling blanket to the far corner before the rain broke. It was once more a hard rain though, so moving her cot did not help much.
Once more, at about six in the evening, the soldier came with bread, and threw it into the cell. Adrielle cot the bread before it hit the ground, and tore it into two pieces. Maggoty again. Adrielle's empty stomach sent nausea once more, and Adrielle was glad when the blackness of fainting overwhelmed her, her last conscious sense being of the guard laughing.
Adrielle woke in the night, feeling more tired than she knew a woman could feel. Her head throbbed, and she felt so alone.
When Adrielle had been little, she had not been like other children, afraid of the darkness. She had always loved how the cool, velvety darkness wrapped its soft arms around her, and she constantly thought that the moon was more beautiful, more enchanting, and more elven than the sun. The stars were always comforting, kind playmates, who's little pinpricks of light made the sky the sky gleam with radiance, but not enough glow to spoil the dark, as the sun did.
But after a certain day when she was eight, nighttime did not seem so friendly. The dark was imposing and Adrielle had all the fears of many children cast upon her at this age. All alone in her house, the stars did not seem like playmates, and the moon seemed mysterious and cold. The darkness did not give velvety embraces, but seemed to help and hide evil things. After her mother's assumed death, Adrielle took to lighting a candle at night.
So it was with this night, in this unfriendly cell. Adrielle was afraid to do nothing, but afraid to move or cry out, for fear of stirring demons and creatures of darkness, fear of making them aware of her presence. Her breathing was shallow slow. Not wishing to move, but wanting to have her back against something firm and comforting and wanting to be able to see anything that might harm her, Adrielle rolled ever so slowly onto her back.
The moon shone through the window, lighting the small cell.
Her heart pounded, seeming the loudest noise in history. Then Adrielle became aware of another noise. It was a skittering. She shivered and tried to convince herself that it was just her imagination. But the brown, scaly, moving things on the ground were not.
"Cockroaches!" she exclaimed, forgetting her mental vow of silence.
Adrielle jumped to her feet, and watched the ugly roaches run over tiny cot, then run toward the bread she had discarded. Adrielle felt prickly. She always felt this way when watching bugs or talking about them. The back of her right leg especially felt prickly. Adrielle reached down to itch.
"Ahh!" she screeched, realizing that the roach, which must have been on her leg had climbed onto her hand.
Adrielle began hopping up and down, trying to shake it loose. Finally she succeeded in wiping the roach onto the floor.
Adrielle pulled back against the door, wishing she was anywhere else in the world, even the gallows.

"Are you glad tonight is break night?" Adrielle heard one guard say to another at about eight in the evening. She had had a boring day, but a day filled with three meals of fine bread and sweet water. Her ears pricked up.
"Yes. I heard of a new tavern that I want to check out."
Adrielle heard no more. This was great news! If her normal guard was off duty, maybe she would have a nice guard!
Having established that fact and not knowing what lay before her, Adrielle's thoughts turned to Aranor. She fell asleep thinking of him.
Adrielle woke in the night. Although her eyes were closed, she could tell because it was not morning light that had awakened her; it was voices.
She tensed. It was not too late into the night, but past mealtimes. Why would a group of guards be outside her cell?
"Bert said he would bring some of his critter collection for one thing. What else?" came one hushed voice.
"Hmm." said another one. "What about rocks?"
"Sure." A third rough voice answered.
Adrielle opened her eyes, and wished she had not, for the second she did, one of the guards looking into her cell said,
"She is awake! Then we can begin!" said the first one.
Adrielle jumped up and ran to the back of her cell, not wanting to find out what he was going to do. Five feet was not much, but she was glad to put at least the many feet between her and the six guards outside her cell.
"Hey, scum-elf! What are doing, hiding in the corner? Are you AFRAID of something?" said a fourth guard.
"Oh, lay off her Oliver! It's my turn!" said the first. Oliver grumbled about the silliness of taking turns, but stopped speaking.
"My name is Jarvis. We, feeling sorry for you and knowing how bored you must be, came to make some excitement. How is that?"
Adrielle pulled back farther, but regretted it, because the moment she did, something slithered down her back, and as she gasped in surprise-realizing it was a snake- the guards laughed, and Oliver said,
"That is exactly what I mean, Bertram!"
"Hurray for Bert!" said another.
"Oh, come on!" one guard began. "Leave the missy alone. Let's go get drunk instead."
"Sure, James! Do whatever you want! Are you afraid of getting in trouble with your mother? Hmm?" said Bert through the window.
At this time, Adrielle had dislodged the snake, and had got as far away as possible from both the door and the window.
"Let's just get drunk!" James repeated. The other guards laughed.
"Thaddeus," said Oliver. "How about you go out and help Bertram 'prepare'?"
Thaddeus grinned, nodded, and walked out of Adrielle's view.
"Why we wait, do the trick I invented." The one called Edwin said with snicker. Adrielle did not like the sound of that.
"Sure! Silas, you got the bottle?" Jarvis asked.
Silas looked around. "What bottle? No one told me to bring it."
"Leave her alone. I thought you wanted to try out 'The Pint and the Quart' today, Jarvis?" said James.
"Nay, not compared with this! THIS is much more fun!" Jarvis laughed. He turned to Silas.
"Of course you were supposed to bring it! I guess we will have to make do."
Jarvis leaned forward and threw a splinter of wood at Adrielle. She dodged and it missed. Jarvis growled.
"Here now, boys. Let us all try it at once!"
There was some coarse laughter and murmurs of agreement, then, without warning, Adrielle found herself jumping up and down and sideways, and large splinters getting stuck in her hair and on her dress. She was delivered from being completely poked all over though, because Thaddeus was ready.
"Get the screen." came the voice of Bert behind her.
"Edwin, I thought you had it!" Oliver said worriedly.
"I never had the screen!" Edwin sounded very annoyed, but perplexed.
" 'ere now, don't go startin' a quarrel. I 'ave it." said Silas.
Adrielle backed away from the window and hunched down in the corner.
"Screen ready?" asked Thaddeus. At four nods from Silas, Edwin, Jarvis, and Oliver, he said "Go!" to Bertram.
Adrielle watched fearfully and curiously as she observed that the four guards by her door had put a screen over her door, and Thaddeus had placed screen over her window, that had a round hole in the middle. Bertram was unscrewing a jar, and once it was open, he place the jar over the hole in the screen, so that the mosquitoes could only go into Adrielle's cell. For that was what was in the jar. Hungry, large, mosquitoes.
At first they just buzzed around looking for a way out, but when they realized they could not find one, the mosquitoes went toward Adrielle. She knew she could not dodge them like she dodged the splinters, so she tried to kill them all. It took fifteen minutes, and many, many, bites. The guards laughed all the while.
"Got(laugh) the other(laugh) thing?(laugh)" asked Oliver afterwards.
"Yes! And here they are!" Thaddeus was laughing so hard he could hardly breathe.
Good, thought Adrielle. Maybe he will choke to death.
Unfortunately, he did not, so he was able to open another jar that contained... BATS!
Now you must not think that Adrielle was cowardly, to mind cockroaches and mosquitoes and having a snake dropped down her back. But think of how you would feel? For though in Relcorr, you could simply tell the snake to go away, mosquitoes, cockroaches, the snake, and the bats were not natives to Relcorr.
As a matter of fact, Adrielle had had a friend in Orginath that was a bat. Bunny Bats were almost always nice. But these bats were mad. In preparation for break night, Bert had not fed them, and before he released them he poked them with a stick. So they were mad. Very mad. And hungry.
Bats dived this way trying to find a way out, and trying to find something to eat.
One bat dived at Adrielle, and bit her cloak. Adrielle hit it hard with her hand, and it fell away. But it was too late; the other bats had caught on. They all started diving at Adrielle, pulling at her clothes and hair. Adrielle shrieked, stomped, and pulled them off of her. Jarvis, Silas, Thaddeus, Oliver, Edwin, and Bertram just laughed. James had left. For thirty minutes they just laughed as Adrielle dodged the awful creatures. Then they grew bored.
"That's it." said Bert. "Here you go." He pulled the screen back and tossed some rotten fruit behind him-for the bats were fruit bats.
The bats swarmed out the window after the fruit. The men looked about for some other entertainment.
"I know!" said Thaddeus excitedly. He picked up a rock and threw it at Adrielle.
She dodged, so it missed her head, but landed on her feet instead.
"Oh!" She winced at the pain. The guards laughed, and began to throw more heavy objects. She jumped back and forth, but she could not evade everything.
Only Silas and Jarvis were not throwing things.
"This is boring." Jarvis said to his friend. "I wonder if we could get the door open..."
Silas held up a key. "Pretty easily!" The friends' coarse laughter rang loudly, mingling with the others.
" 'ere now, I will get it ope-" Silas fell over with a blow to the back of his head.
A large fist hit Jarvis under his chin, knocking his head against the wall. He fell to the floor, unconscious.
Oliver spun around to grapple with the opponent. Bertram and Thaddeus disappeared. Edwin gasped at whoever it was who was attacking-Adrielle could not see whom it was- and ran.
Lord Pogit grabbed Oliver with both hands by the front of his shirt and shook him.
"You're not supposed to messing with prisoners, you hear! On break night, you get out of here! Look here, if I catch you down here one more time without official business, I will take you before King Gorneir!"
"But...but... she's just an elf!" Oliver gasped.
Lord Pogit shook him harder.
"I don't care if she's a purple centaur with wings! You leave her and any other prisoners alone! You watch yourself or you will find yourself without a job!" With one last shake, Lord Pogit dropped Oliver, who ran off without a backwards glance.
Lord Pogit turned to Adrielle.
"I'm sorry, Missy. Adrielle is your name right? I thought so. Are you alright?" Adrielle nodded once, then shook her head.
Lord Pogit pulled a key out of Silas's unconscious hand and opened the door.
"Here, Aranor asked me to take you out." He put a hand around her shoulder. "There is another nicer room waiting for you. And a bath, with clean clothes too, if you want it." Adrielle nodded gratefully.
"I am sorry for being rude earlier. Just come with me, and you need not worry anymore about the guards. I AM sorry, Adrielle."

I'm a really horrid person; I love torturing my characters. I was going to torture Nan from The Pergle Plant, but that didn't work out. I just couldn't do it to her.

This last snippet is from The King's Business, yet another unfinished story. It is a clumsy allegory, inspired from A Child of the King and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Melina met Auria, Ballard, and Theophilus for breakfast, as Bronwyn insisted would be the proper thing to do. They met on the platform, and Auria said that they had not yet chosen where to eat. “If requested, the city pays for the meals of those who quest in their last days here. So, it does not matter where we wish to go.”
“I don’t care where we go. Wherever we go, let’s go soon. I’m hungry!” Ballard complained.
Melina wanted to say that whining was rude, as she might of if Alexander had said it, but her years of keeping her tongue still when in the presence of people close to her age or older made her silent. Theophilus spoke up. He was not quite as… cheery as the preceding night, but not as grumpy as when she first met him.
“I say we go to The Wigglesome Crab for breakfast. They have very good food!”
Crab? For breakfast?” Ballard answered.
All at once, Theophilus became angry. “When we are on a quest, we cannot be choosy about our meals! We must get used to having strange food- breakfast, lunch and dinner! You are lucky I did not insist that we eat liver and tongues!” At Ballard’s expression, which he misinterpreted, the man added, “Yes, liver and tongue! You may have to eat those on our adventure!”
Theophilus turned to Auria. “Now, milady, what think you of going to The Wigglesome Crab for breakfast?”
Auria gently replied, “I think that wherever we go is not important enough to argue about. You have a point in saying that we will have to get ourselves used to odd meals, but Ballard may want to enjoy his last breakfasts here. Do you have an opinion, Melina?”
Melina, still not used to being talked to like an equal, was taken aback. “I- uh… well, Thedric’s is nice, I suppose…”
“Thedric does not bake fresh bread every day. His food is expensive for nothing.” Ballard grumbled.
“But that is nothing to argue about!” Auria said. For once, no smile lit her face. “This world has enough troubles with adding more. We will see which of the two restaurants has enough room for the four of us to sit together, and we will go to that one.”
They went to Thedric’s first, but found he had no room. Despite Ballard’s grumbling, many people liked Thedric’s. Ballard grumbled even more when they found that The Wigglesome Crab had plenty of room- Ballard pointed out that this was because no one besides them was crazy enough to go there for breakfast.
However, the deal had been agreed on, and so they breakfasted at The Wigglesome Crab. Theophilus got salmon, Ballard just got a drink, Auria chose tuna, and, after much debating, Melina decided to get a dish that had both crab and trout. It was not bad, though Auria and Melina both felt that it would have been better for lunch. During breakfast, Auria talked about where they would be going that day. First they would go to a cartographer’s, and figure out their route. That done, they would organize their transportation- Auria explained that a horse would not be much use in a gorge or crossing a river.
So after breakfast, to the mapmaker’s store they went. Melina thought it was a beautiful store: filled with brightly colored maps of all shapes and sizes, all of them begging her to travel to the place they showed. The world of Lyantrumar was small, but not dull by any means! She looked at many maps while Auria and Theophilus talked to the storeowner, with Ballard standing next to them and putting in depressing comments whenever he could. Or he did this until Theophilus picked Ballard up by the back of his shirt, carried him a little ways away, and said,
“Go… play! Be free!” Fully expecting Ballard to listen, Theophilus walked off.
Ballard, his mouth hanging open, slowly tucked his shirt back in, glaring after the old man. Melina wondered if he ever smiled. She did not think so.

So, there, some more boring snippets for y'all. Book review in 45 pages!!!

Have y'all noticed I like to say y'all?


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