Saturday, July 14, 2012

The wonderful... the beautiful... the long-awaited-

JENATTA OF FRANCE BOOK TRAILER!!! Well, actually, it was just me who was waiting to put it on, but, well, you know, it sounds better to say 'long awaited'. And we all know I favor sounding important.
It is my first trailer ever. Yays!

Without further ado, here it is:

It's funny- most people do their video AFTER they FINISH the book- I haven't even STARTED this story! I just got an idea for a story and for a trailer and so I made it. Yup. :)
Today we had Almond flour-flaxseed pancakes, with apricots and blueberries on top. Superb.
I have 60 pages to go in The Dark Foundations so expect a book review soon! I'm also considering doing a review of A League of Their Own since we just watched it last night.
We went to the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival (google it) on Thursday night- even superber.
On the ride home, my sister and I feigned Thespian language and made my mom laugh. We got home past midnight, but watching Antony and Cleopatra was worth it. Last year they did Macbeth, and this year they did two plays (rotating every-other night): Antony and Cleopatra, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I might have liked Midsummer best because I prefer comedy, but all of them were really good. Macbeth was a little bloody/creepy, and in Antony the Egyptian women's costumes were a bit too realistic (read: see-through). But they were all good acting, and oh, oh, OH! The language the language the language! and you think you speak english! Ha! Go read the real-version Shakespeare! Now THAT is English! I love all the "thee"s and "thou"s! Oh oh oh!


  1. How did you make that video? It was so cool! That book sounds awsome! Next time I go to the library I'm going to see if they have it. I love your blog!

  2. No, I'm WRITING that book- it's not published yet!
    I made the video on iMovie - you put the music you want in, then add pictures, movies, a/o text. It's pretty easy.


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