Sunday, March 16, 2014

Romantic Snippets Thricenight

I'm extending the Romantic Snippets Fortnight another week. So it's a Thricenight. Or something like that.
The snippet is from one of my works-in-progress (it may or may not go in the story, however, so those of you that recognize it, not a word about its origin!).

“I love Ireland. As much as England.”
“Enough to stay here forever?” Loch’s voice had an undercurrent of something in it that reminded her of someone.
She looked over at him. “No; I'm just staying here temporarily.” Although his words were what she had wished, more than once.
“How long is ‘temporarily?’” Loch leaned closer. She felt slightly annoyed. It was hard enough as it was not to want to stay here forever; he didn't need to encourage her!
“Until late May, as I told you.” She said a bit snappishly.
“That is very temporary, for sure.”
“What is wrong with that?” She grew pricklier as the conversation continued.
“Oh, I thought you might want to stay longer.”
“I have responsibilities in England. I belong there.” She said harshly, though something inside of her said, What responsibilities? You could stay here forever.
“Well, I-” Loch stopped speaking. He gestured at the sea. “I thought you loved Ireland.”
“I do,” Her snappishness disappeared as he spoke. “I do. I do love Ireland. But-”
“But what?” Loch persisted. “You told me your family was dead?”
"Yes, but..." But what? Was anything truly holding her back?

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  1. ….I can do this. I’ve been preparing for eighteen years. I’m going to be fine. What if he is here? Chelsea, calm down. He won’t come; he’s been gone for two years and he isn’t going to come all the way back just to be at your coming out party. You can do this, trust me....

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  2. Oooh, what story is this....I want to read it...


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