My Pennings

Here's a quick summary of some of the book names you'll see me throwing around:

The Arthurian Chronicles
100,000 words; one chapter left in first draft
A rewritten version of the King Arthur Tales. Arthur (obviously) is the main character. Gwennie is a childhood friend, Rayfus and Kay are his royal brothers, and Vivian is his bride-to-be. Arthur, raised as a peasant, at sixteen discovers he has two brothers who happen to be princes, a mother who happens to be the queen, and that he himself is the heir. He leaves the only home he's ever known to take on the worries of being a good king — but will he even be able to stay king?

True Freedom
Finished at nearly 22,000 words; in need of editing
Medieval France is a hard world for a slave, and well does Maurelle know it. All she wants is to be free from Gabrielle, her silly mistress, and one way or another, she's going to be! Maurelle is hopeful, when she's told she will be escorting Gabrielle on a long journey, so full of dangers and difficulties that she is promised freedom at the end. Maurelle hardly minds the long journey, for what are a few months of inconveniences compared to a lifetime of freedom?
Maurelle could never have predicted what would really happen; nothing could have prepared her for the tangle of deception, sorrow, and evil that she must face.

White Roses
Finished at 16, 947 words exactly
If you pay much attention around here you'll notice I like rewritten fairy tales! This one is a twelve Dancing Princesses story. Rose, the second oldest of twelve, wishes her sister might have a better life, but with little money and a large family, it seems impossible. The underground land they discover, though, seems to be an answer to their problems.

The Castle of Caliour 
Finished at 15, 648 words
A rewritten Beauty and the Beast. Princess Lillian, a sixteen-year-old girl devoted to her family, is distraught when her father goes missing in his travels. She finds him locked in the castle of a beast. Her father will only go free if she consents to stay in the castle forever. Then other stuff happens. ;P


  1. The Arthurian Chronicles book sounds fun. I really like King Arthur retellings. Are you thinking of getting any of your stories published?

    1. Heh, I'd love to... but sadly nowadays I have so little time to pursue writing. Sooo it's not very likely. But who knows! Maybe one day. :)

  2. Maybe!:) I am hoping that some of my books will be, and I already have a short story published.


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