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Beautiful People- answered questions.

And here is my own BP post- with questions provided by the Mad Elvish Poet. I have decided to do Loch. I was going in between Loch and Rayfus (see my  Character page for details about who they are), but I decided Loch was more pressing since Rayfus is dead but Loch shall live on for quite a long while. Besides, my sister says he is two dimensional, and THAT I shall not let be true.

1. Does he/she have any ambitions, dreams? His dreams WERE pretty simple: he wanted to have a farm, with lots of sheep and a dog or two. Then his parents died, and he realized that his father was a really important baron, and that he (Loch) couldn't just go have a sheep farm. So, his dream changed: to be a good ruler of the land that he was lord over, and to take care of his aunt and uncle (who live with him). THEN, he met Gwennie. Slowly, without his realizing it, his dream got tweaked: to be a good ruler, a supportive nephew, AND a good husband, with a wonderful girl to help him rule.

2. What lengths is he/she willing to go to to accomplish these dreams? (good guys have to make these decisions too) Well, let's go dream-by-dream. His original dream (sheeps) was more of a fancy, really, so he wouldn't have been too put off if something hindered him in that. He would have just got another dream.
Dream II (good ruler): He is willing to fight any raiders who try to harm his people, and hire expensive doctors should his aunt or uncle get sick. He is willing to deceive his people, even, if he can help them by doings so (what I mean by this is that he likes to pretend to be a common passerby so that he can really see what their needs are).
Dream III: Whoo boy. This is the dream that he REALLY has his heart set on. He is willing to do pretty much anything to make Gwennie happy, including sacrifice the health of his people by spending a bunch of money to make her happy. This is one of his flaws. He's a little too obsesive/possesssive with Gwennie.

3. Is he/she easily influenced, or is he/she exceedingly hard headed? If both, in which circumstances is he/she hard headed, and in which is he/she easily led? It depends on who is trying to influence him. For example, if Gwennie should say, 'Loch, it's getting late. Let's go home,' then he would agree readily. For the most part, he is pretty easily influenced. But if he has made a decision (ex. to marry Gwennie), then it's hard to convince him otherwise.

4. If he/she is easily led, can he/she eventually make a stand for his/herself? How hard is it for him/her to do that? Yes, he can. It's not hard for him to do that (he proposed easily enough), but sometimes he feels that he is being selfish by doing so, so he just lets it all boil up inside him, and then something happens to make him explode (ex. when Gwennie almost fell off a cliff and died).

5. If he/she is hard headed, is he/she able to listen to people who know better? How hard is it for he/she to bend her pride enough to allow that? Well, when he has settled on a decision, he is pretty much confident that he is right. THAT's when it depends on who's trying to change his mind. Gwennie could coax him to see reason, but his mother wouldn't have been able to. When someone who he doesn't really respect is trying to get him to bend his pride, he is almost immovable.

6. Does he/she have any traumatic memories that might prevent him/her from doing something? (e.g. Does his/her fear of enclosed spaces prevent him/her from playing hide-and-seek?) I don't think so... Let me ask him. OH! I forgot! Yes, he just reminded me of something: his mother, sisters, and basically all of his female family members died in child birth, so he is always upset when he finds out that someone is having a baby. This makes him not want to have children, and perhaps could even make him not like children much.

7. Does he/she have a best friend? Who is it? It WAS his father. Then his father died. Then he was pretty lonely. Then he met Gwennie... :)

8. Is his/her best friend a good influence on him/her, or are they altogether too much alike and get each other into trouble? Well, they actually aren't much alike, except that they love the moors and cliffs of Ireland, and are (or were, until they met each other) pretty unselfish and self-denying. But they aren't really a good influence on each other, because they both lost their best friends about a year ago and are now searching for someone else to replace them. They are making each other more selfish.

9. How loyal is he/she to his/her friends and family? How far would he/she go to protect them? He is EXTREMELY loyal. He would die for some of them (or, rather, one particular one of them...). His family was pretty close-knit as a whole, and all the death in the family knits them closer together.

10. Is he/she easily emotionally hurt? (e.g. If he/she had a childish crush that was rejected, how badly would they reel, and how long would it take them to recover?) Well, it depends on the person. For instance, if a random blacksmith insulted Loch while he was in his peasant-costume, he would laugh it off and move on. But if Gwennie gave him a speech that was anything like Mr. Knightley's speech to Emma ("Bad form, Loch! Very bad form! You were utterly insulting and disrespectful! I can't believe it. I thought you were better."), he would be pretty hurt. So, if the person is close to him, he is easily upsetted (?), but if not, he's pretty easy-going.

Well! That helped me, though it probably was boring you all to death.


  1. You were'nt boring me to death. I found it quite interesting. I liked it.

  2. Hay! I'm stopping over from the BP linkup. Nice interview. That's one interesting character you have! Talk about a complicated life (if he just wanted to raise sheep)!! Sounds like he's head-over-heels for Gwennie. Which is sweet. :) So is he a main character or a secondary one?

    Really enjoyed your interview (definately not boring!)


  3. He is a secondary character, one who appears in Part II of The Arthurian Chronicles, though he becomes one of the top five main characters and he is in Part III, too (or I'm assuming he is - I haven't written it yet). Gwennie and Arthur are the biggest main characters, since they are in ever part of the book.

  4. YES! I CAN COMMENT! YES!! I will try not to raid your entire blog.
    Anyways, I really like Loch now. I have turned into a big fan of romance lately...
    ANYWAYS, I am excited to see more of these Beautiful People answering question thingies! I've been wanting to fill out one of them myself, but I am really lazy...
    ANYWAYS, I should most likely stop typing now... I am going to leave before I write a REALLY long comment!

  5. *in a Percy Blakeny accent* La! Awdur, Loch is so funny! I had no idea he was so stubborn!

  6. Hatter-
    Being a big fan of romance is NOT a bad thing (Or, I really hope it ain't, cuz I have an issue [or a couple issues] if it is...)! I try to put a romance in every story I write, and when I was little, I tried to marry off every character in any game I would play.
    Yes! I love BP! They're on break right now, but you can use their archives.

    He's not exactly stubborn, it's just that sometimes he is extremely convince of his correctness [like me... :D ]

  7. Cool character!


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