Monday, July 2, 2012

Dryer sheet replacements

Eating healthily is typically more expensive. But I'm a cheapskate. I like things that save time, effort, or money. This tutorial is one which saves money.
Supplies needed:
Optional: Hammer
Roll the tinfoil into balls. It will not be a perfect ball. It will be quite bumpy and hard. I hammered on it a little to help get it smoother.
Put it in the dryer with your clothes, instead of a dryer sheet. It will come out much smoother:

We made three (though one is missing), because when doing sleeping bags, sheets, or just a big load of laundry, it's helpful to use two, otherwise it will still have some static.
This is NOT one of those home remedy things that doesn't work. It does eliminate static like a dryer sheet does.
Note: They may get smaller over time, so you will have to make more eventually. (Like in three years).


  1. Cool! These remind me of a thing that I saw once; same concept, except that they are made out of wool, not tin-foil. I will have to try this!
    Convincing my mother to *let* me will be the hard part...

    1. I saw a tutorial to make wool ones, and those ones made the clothes dry faster, but these ones keep the static down like dryer sheets. But the wool ones you saw may not be the same ones as the ones I saw.

  2. Haha! I hath taggedeth youeth! Thou mustest answereth my...myeth?? Anywayeth, thou mustest answereth the questioneths that I hath devised!

  3. Well, I have some questions for YOU! See my latest post.

    1. you mean this one? If you posted some others, they aren't showing up...


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