Sunday, March 9, 2014

Which came first: the cabinet or the undergarment?

It's a riddle, you see – what is both part of a cabinet and an undergarment? You get a bonus if you know which came first.
I'm now going to announce Romantic Snippet Fortnight. Okay, I've announced it.
Basically, I'm going to post random romantic snippets for the next two weeks (it's going to be a fortnight and not a week because all my readers might faint if I started posting that consistently).
Anyone is welcome to participate. Your snippets can be long or short, random or related to some writing you're already working on, basically anything that applies to these three rules (which of course I myself will adhere to):
1. It has to be original material (duh).
2. The story or snippet has to be about a guy and a girl who are in love, were in love, or will be in love.
3. You have to post at least 3 snippets from March 9th to March 23rd.

That's it! It's basically to practice writing romantic scenes and enjoy writing them, without having to make up a whole plot if you don't want to (although it could turn into a story).

EDIT: To clarify #2, love triangles are perfectly acceptable. Just one of the characters needs to love the other.

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  1. So which came first the cabinet or the undergarment?

  2. I really couldn't say... that's why I asked!


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