Monday, August 6, 2012

Writer's correspondence

So, last Tuesday night, lying in bed at 10:30, I had an idea. Not just any idea, but an idea that made me sit up and force myself to stay awake until past 11:00.
See, I was trying to figure out a character, whose name is Eleasarine. (eh-LEASE-uh-reen). Before I explain any farther, let me explain something. In our house, my sister and I share a bedroom. Then, there are two guest bedrooms. Because we share a room, we also have to agree on the decorations. So, my mother came up with the idea of havens. We each get a guest bedroom to be our haven. We get to decorate it however we want (within reason, of course), and if we want to be alone, we can go there. It's like having another room, except whenever guests come they sleep in there.
My haven is decorated to be a medieval theme. I think a medieval-times enchantress lives there. I shall post some pictures of my haven soon (probably).
Anyway, on Tuesday night, I found out the enchantress's name: Eleasarine. I read about characters taking over the blogs of other authors, or they argue with the authoress. However, my characters aren't like that. They certainly aren't what I would call MANAGEABLE (Ha!), but they aren't the sort to take over my mind. But I think Eleasarine is.
I normally know who my characters are. I know their personality, and/or what they look like. But every time I picture Eleasarine, I get a different image. I think she likes to be shrouded in mystery.
How was I supposed to find out who she was?

What if, I thought, I wrote a letter to her?

*dramatic pause*

And so, Writer's correspondence was born. The difference between this and Beautiful People is that, in BP, you pull the answers from their mind. They have no choice. In writing a letter to them, they can lie, they can tell you the answers quite rudely, they can tell you to leave them alone.
So, once a month, I shall set up a link-up post for these letters. The only rules are that you link-up to the page, and that you make your character wait at least 24 hours before answering.

I shall post the first Writer's correspondence (terrible name, I know, but it's temporary) subject and linkup in my next post.

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  1. Hmmmm....innnnnnnttttteeeeerrrrreeeessssttttiiiinnnngggggggggg....(that was my attempt at sounding like Telemain, in case you were wondering) I shall most positively do as thou hast said.
    And for the record, I think that Malhala would take over your blog...she seems like that type.


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