Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Obsessed

Maurelle (John William Waterhouse)

I'm officially obsessed with Dicksee and Waterhouse.This is why:

Sir Frank Dicksee
It's so gorgeous.

I'm considering using one of these for my headers...

But today, I'm specifically looking for pictures for my story (Maurelle's story).
This one is a PERFECT Nouvelle:
Especially this one.(Dicksee)
Gabrielle and Maurelle are more tough. And I have found very little for Lazare or Quain or Jacque or Raoul or Bridget.... I have mostly been looking for my young ladies though.
These might be Gabrielle...

This one on the side (Dicksee again) might be Raoul or Lazare.... Unsure...
Maurelle (Dicksee)


Are you obsessed yet?

Considering this one as a Profile picture...
This is why Waterhouse ranks with Dicksee:


  1. They're so pretty! Really love the last two.

  2. Love the pictures!

  3. Thanks! My favorites are:
    The second one, the eighth one, the tenth one, and the twelfth one (the last one).
    Which are your favorites?

  4. Idk. I like all of them. They're all so gorgous!


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