Sunday, August 18, 2013

Movie Review: Nancy Drew (2007)

I've been going nuts over Nancy Drew recently. Ahh... I wish I could find and solve mysteries like Nancy Drew.
I really recommend the books. I've been reading the old ones, of course – The Bungalow Mystery, The Secret at Shadow Ranch, the The Secret Staircase, etc.
Last night we watched Nancy Drew (2007). My sister and I had watched it once before, a few years ago, but I'd mostly forgotten it, so it was perfect.
Bad picture, I know
We all really enjoyed it! Really funny. Especially if you've read Nancy Drew, because the little references to the books made it extra fun.
 Really, the only thing I have against the movie (besides the fact that she and Ned didn't kiss at the part I wanted them to) is that her relationship with her father was.... confusing. He wasn't much like the Carson Drew of the book. He wasn't very supportive of her, but yet he was... in the wrong way.
The movie starts with him telling her "No more mysteries, you need to be a normal teenager." 
(Maybe I'm over-analyzing this. But I'm reviewing the movie, and this was what I found to be wrong with it.) 
Another bad picture – I really wanted to find one with her father, though
He was wrong to say that. He needed to either (1) support her in her mysteries, since that's a part of who she is, or (2) he needed to seriously talk to her and say, "I'm serious, this is dangerous, no more mysteries, at least while we're in California."
But because he didn't say that, she kind of took his "no more mysteries" as a suggestion. Sort of like he was always saying that, but didn't really mean it. 
And she was kind of right. During the movie, he gives her an early-birthday present for staying mystery-free (she feels rightly guilty, since she hasn't been mystery-free). At the end of the movie (no, this isn't a spoiler  – everyone knows she solves the mystery!), Carson Drew congratulates her and praises her for solving the mystery, helping some people and "doing the right thing even though it was hard for you." 
I felt like that was kind of... confusing.

But other than that, it was great. No weird sexual references, except for one kiss (and I was mentally begging for it throughout the movie, so it didn't bother ME). No language.
These two were funny. The scene in the clothing store? Ha!

And of course, Porky Corky was funny too. A little weird? Yes. But funny. Poor Ned... :)

I highly recommend this movie, and the books as well. I can only complain that there isn't a sequel. :)

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  1. I've rented that movie a thousand times! I luv it 2! :-)


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