Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Celebrate Musicals Week: Why I chose My Fair Lady

It's Celebrate Musicals Week! (A great idea, by the way, Miss Dashwood). I love musicals. I grew up singing Oklahoma!, South Pacific, The King and I, and Sound of Music songs. My mom is a musical lover. We try to watch  a new one every summer (at least one, anyway). I don't recall the first time I watched Cinderella or Fiddler on the Roof,  but I do remember the first time I saw My Fair Lady.
My sister didn't like it. She wanted Eliza to end up with Freddie (now she thinks Eliza should ditch both of them!). But I liked it – though in the first few minutes I insisted (having had no experience with lovely Audrey Hepburn) that Eliza was the same actress as Mary Poppins (which is ironic because Julie Andrews did want the part and she played it on Broadway).
Cinderella was always my favorite when I was little. I remember getting it for my fifth birthday. To me, Leslie Ann Warren was Cinderella (never mind the Disney version... I liked her, too, but when I thought "Cinderella" I thought of "A lovely night" and "Ten Minutes ago" not little mice in shirts [which my sister thinks is slightly creepy – a girl forcing little mice to wear clothes, thinking she's "helping" them...]).
Anyway! :) I always loved Cinderella, and whenever we listened to our My Little Broadway CD, I insisted that "I Could Have Danced All Night" was from Cinderella! Of course, my sister told me otherwise, which made me insist all the more. . .
I rather wish I could choose two musicals... Cinderella will always be so special to me, but I just love My Fair Lady!
However, I have chosen. My Fair Lady it is! For many reasons, but I can't tell them all here, because why would you then read my other posts? You shall simply have to wait. :)
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  1. I have never watched My Fair Lady before. I will have to watch it soon:)


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