Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Do Wallabies Eat Croissants?

Back in December I mentioned that I was writing a script of Sense and Sensibility for my drama group. Well, we are now in our second month of rehearsals, and now everything is Regency for me. Having read the book 3-5 times, watched the movie several times, and now poured over the words to make a script, for a while I was basically breathing and thinking in Austenese (and still am, sort of. Whenever somebody makes a comment that roughly parallels a quote, I have to resist the urge to quote back. And most of the time fail at resisting).
I love being in this play. Of course, as is always the case, about half the fun of acting is the costumes. My twin and I are kind of in charge of all the costumes, which is very exciting. I have found that in addition to loving sewing, I excessively enjoy costume research.
In hopes that it will prove amusing and enlightening, over the next few weeks I'll be posting pictures of my latest costume endeavors, which shall include:

  • Altering modern suit coats to fit tail coats
  • Figuring out the best way to make fichus or chemisettes
  • Making spencers out of modern jackets
  • Sewing and tying cravats
  • [Probably] sewing one or two Regency dresses from scratch (!!)
I love the costumes from this movie, but I rather hate most of the hats.
I've never sewn a dress from a pattern before, so I'm kind of excited about that. Although, I've found that I actually prefer altering/redoing things to just sewing them.

Good day!
 photo awdursignature_zps319c67b7.png

P.S. Ah yes, the title of this post: there is one unfortunate person in the play who has several times wanted to say "Wallaby" instead of "Willoughby." Add to which that "cravats" somehow reminds me of the word "croissants" in my mind.


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