Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Beautiful Room

I wanted to share some [poor] pictures of our bedroom. It's really coming together; I've mentioned a few of the things we've added already, but I'll say again. Our room was ugly yellow, with a white bunkbed, two mismatched-somewhat-unattractive bedside tables, three white shelves and a tall white dresser. And it was always messy. And there were random things that didn't go with the rest of the room, like butterfly wall decals (though they were quite pretty) and two blue coat-hook-board-thingies.
It is a lovely pale blue. We have two black iron twin beds. We have this lovely between-the-bed-side-table-windowseat-dresser-thing, and a cream colored desk and a hutch, and three prints and three birdcages on the walls. I suppose I'll just have to put pictures so it makes sense–

Stepping into our room

The two prints above the right bed (mine)
The left bed (my sisters)

Our desk and hutch

Close-up of the cool french cloth in the back of the hutch

Gertrude, the shrewish-looking peacock on the wall between our bedroom door and our closet door.

And Miss Mirab, the cat (duh). :)

 photo awdursignature_zps319c67b7.png


  1. Wow! Your room looks so different since the last time I've seen it! (this is your cousin) It's beautiful! And Mirab is so cute! It looks like she is posing (I hope I spelled that right) lol

  2. Ugly yellow room? Why, I think yellow is lovely! I'm sorry you didn't like your yellow room, but the blue IS quite lovely. Your mother must have helped with the decorating?!


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