Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Dance

My dear twinsie and I have successfully hosted our third dance. Though we held it on Friday the thirteenth, my middle sister (who was born on Friday the thirteenth) attended so as to make the day lucky. Perhaps that was why it went well? I doubt it, though— it mostly went well due to the assistance of my self-sacrificing mother, twin, and the sixteen lovely ladies who attended. And God's providence, of course. We managed to remember all the various things one must pack when hosting a dance away from one's home (like tape...) and set-up the space in plenty of time.
We danced eight dances. The Grand March, of course, opened the night, as is tradition, followed by a dance partly of my twin and I's invention that we call Babbling Brook, then Hole in the Wall, Yellow Stockings, Well Hall, Virginia Reel, Conversation, and Bittersweet (another partially invented one which we've made our traditional ending dance). Hole in the Wall and Well Hall both got a little mixed up (we had quite a few new girls) but otherwise things went smoothly. I've never called the Grand March before and I had a lot of fun going under people's arms and causing much laughter in the group. Virginia Reel, naturally, was also a ton of fun. I think everyone enjoyed it; I know I definitely did!
(If you are interested in holding your own dance or are curious about possible dance organizations in your area, is a great resource, as it has lists of dance societies, dozens of dance instructions, and much, much more!)

On another note, our homeschool drama group plays are this week!!! Eep! I have more parts than I've ever had before (considering I've only ever been in one play and only ever had one part). In The Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court, I have the great pleasure of playing Charlotte Mulliner, as I mentioned before. She is a ladylike, vegetarian British poet, so I feel I have a lot in common with her, being a British-loving pescatarian writer myself, and a person who always aims at being a lady. Only twice more to perform the script and then it's over! :(
Also, I'm the fairy godmother in Cinderella, and a dancer at the ball (perhaps the fairy godmother is worried about how Cindy will fare so she goes in disguise to watch her??). And lastly, I'm "Extra Two" in Prince Rabbit. I was told I'd have to stand on stage and look pretty, and I though,t 'How hard can that be?' It's more than one scene, however, and we only get two practices (the first being last Thursday, the second being the day before performance), and I have LINES. They may be only a handful of short sentences, but still, there are quite a few cues to be memorized over two practices.

As ever, I am enjoying babysitting my dear little niece, Frances, and I am very excited about showing her off if she attends the plays.

There's so much going on right now that I could say, but I haven't the time (ironic, isn't it?). I have several posts in drafts, though, and hope to return to writing after the plays are over. I can't say when I last wrote in Arthur or any other story (and oh yes, I have writing group in less than two weeks that I have to write a skit for...), and I'm looking forward to getting back into that writing, too.
In meantime ~ in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!
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