Saturday, October 15, 2016

Beautiful People (September 2016): Rayfus

What? Two posts in two days? We thought this was the blog of the woman who doesn't live here any more. After all, the only thing that has happened recently was a tag (which scarcely counts) and a 69-word "happy birthday" post, which definitely does not count.
Nonetheless (don't you love that word? and nevertheless...), here I am. I realized that I have never done a BP for Rayfus*, or any other character questionnaire that I can remember.

Well obviously that's got to change, so here we go.

*The disgusting and weird and very not medieval name is going to be changed in second drafts to Lancelot, as this character basically fulfills Lancelot's functions in my Arthur story. However, I currently have another character named Lancelot (for no other reason than that when I was twelve I thought it would be fun to name a character Lancelot and make him have nothing to do with Lancelot — ???), so I'm waiting to officially change it until he has another name.

1. How did you come up with this character?
 Rayfus appeared at the same time the story did. I was (not surprisingly) talking to myself and making up a story, in which a woman who had just given birth was worried about her baby's safety. It came out that her husband was dead and she was worried about this man, Rayfus, because he wanted to be king, but her son was the heir. At some point in here, Rayfus became her son also. And then I said, "Hey, I could make this a King Arthur story" (because this sounds just like a King Arthur story).

2. Have they ever been starving? Why? And what did they eat to break the fast?
Definitely not. Princes in wealthy kingdoms don't have to worry about that sort of thing. And while he has been on war campaigns where belts might have been tight, Rayfus is not the sort of person who'd feel oblige to deny himself because "the men have to."

3. Do they have a talent or skill that they're proud of?
Rayfus is not an unemotional person, but he prides himself on his control of his emotions. Also, he is very good at reading people and staying in control of most situations. Thirdly, he feels that most people don't have the "vision" he does to see bigger and better things happening. (Except for being politically conservative/old-fashioned, he is in favor of "progress" — *shudder*).

4. List 3 things that would make them lose their temper.
1. His wife, Guillamine (another name that is likely to change) gets on his nerves, so if he was already stressed/annoyed he might lose his temper with her.
2. When his carefully laid plans are ruined because one of his "lackeys" makes a mistake.
3. If someone started saying he was very incapable and had no ability to rule, etc. it would make him very angry, but he would still be able to control his temper, partially by assuring himself they had no idea what they were talking about.

5. What is their favorite type of weather? Least favorite?
Rayfus isn't too particular about the weather, but I think he likes cloudy days best. He doesn't like snow.

6. What is their Hogwarts House or MBTI personality?
 Well, as I said yesterday, I don't believe in MBTI so much... but I think he is either ESTJ or ENTJ (probably more of an ESTJ).

7. Are they more likely to worry about present problems, or freak out about the unknown future?
Rayfus doesn't "freak out", but he definitely plans ahead for different problems and scenarios. Current events can stress him if thing aren't going according to plan.

8. What is their favorite thing to drink?
A good red wine.

9. Favorite color? Least favorite?

Indigo/Royal Blue would be his favorite. Practical, not too "flashy", yet denotes his status with proper dignity. Least favorite: Beige. Too plain.

10. What is a book that changed their life?
Reading wasn't very common in the Middle Ages, and Rayfus isn't a big reader. He does read books on military tactics and such, and no doubt those have affect his life.


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