Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Favorite Things Tag

What-ho, readers! I have been tagged. In case you didn't know, this is a pleasurable thing for me. The Author at To Write or Not To Write has done this.
The rules are familiar:
1. Add the above picture to the post.
2. Acknowledge the person who tagged you.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Tag a person, multiple persons or no persons.

I am tagging The Author herself, and everyone else reading this post. (Go. Do it.)

*Note: I just realized that almost every single question has three or four answers attached to it. Turribly sorry and all that for not really answering.

The questions:

Favorite book: 
Don't ask me this. That's a terrible question to ask a book lover. At risk of sounding cliché or trite, I will honestly answer the Bible. (Although, that's really several books.)

Favorite animal:
My siamese-mix house cat, Mirab.

Favorite color:
Blue of almost any shade. A few favorites:

Favorite flower:
Hands down, peonies. But also lavender and roses. I like most things as long as they don't look like hothouse flowers (which = fake).

Favorite language: 
French. J'apprends le français.

Favorite country:
Ireland. I think. Ireland is traditionally my favorite, but I also love Great Britain.

Favorite time period:
I love history, so whatever I'm studying currently always catches my fancy (which in this case is the late Victorian period). However, I have a long standing love affair with the Middle Ages.

Favorite historical ruler:
Elizabeth II of England. Not historical enough? Alfred the Great. I also greatly pity Lady Jane Grey and Richard III (don't get me started on him, the poor dear.)

Favorite number:
 12. (Then sixteen. But for use in every day life it is three.)

Favorite beverage:
Well, water is pretty good. I drink black tea almost every day (black, of course). For special occasions I like rose lemonade and hot cider.

Favorite finger:
Left ring finger.

Favorite snack:
Hm. I'm going to go with date balls, because I make these consistently and I love them.
(But currently, I'm obsessed with these pumpkin blondies. And lemon bars are really good. Basically any grains. Ha. And apples and cheese are always good.)

Favorite season: 
Fall, for sure. I love the clothes, the weather, the events and the colors.

Favorite kind of clothing:
This is a very difficult question. I like a lot of things, although my style is very not "fashionable" so I don't like most of what is in stores nowadays (plus the fact that I am of diminutive proportions, and so finding things that fit AND I that I like is a challenge). My current obsession is late 1700s and 1850s British:
And in general I love 1950s cocktail dresses, 1940s English country style, with some medieval/Elven and Victorian influences. To be specific about my favorite item of clothing, I would have to say long skirts (I'm wearing one right now). (And then there's corsets.)

1950s cocktail dress

Favorite music (particular songs, artists, or just in general):
Put to it, I would have to say traditional Irish music. I love hymns (particularly "Be Thou My vision," "Come Thou Fount," "Before the Throne of God Above," and "How Firm A Foundation"), opera, show tunes, and classical (now when I say classical, what comes to my mind is the most boring minuets that Bach ever wrote [which would technically be Baroque]. That's not at'all what I mean. I mean Mozart and Tchaikovsky and Ludovico Einaudi.) I think if I have one song that I would call my favorite it would be In the Mood.

Aaand the soundtracks for Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Little Women, and The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982) are to die for.

Favorite time of the day: 
Morning, for sure. I am such a morning person. Like 7:30-8:30.

Favorite school(-ish) subject:
History. I love getting in depth into history.

Favorite spice:
Nutmeg and ginger are really good. Also, cumin and garlic powder.

Favorite superhero:
Super Bunny, obviously. Ha. Very few of you (if any) will get that reference. I'm not that into superheroes, but my favorite is Captain America.

Favorite anything of your choice:
Favorite smell: Evergreen trees.
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  1. My favorite super heroes are either Hawkeye, Black Widow, or Scarlet Witch, but I like Cap. America too. LOVE history! And blue! :D


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