Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cinderella: A Movie Review

I've been wanting to review this since I saw it (in September...) but haven't had anything to force me into action until now.
It's Cinderella Week, as I may have mentioned once or twice before, and I don't care if tons of other people are reviewing it, I'm doing it anyway. It's my blog. So there, Polly Pepper.

Thoughts on Cinderella (2015)

Many other pens (or keyboards) have reviewed this lovely movie, and I really have to go get ready for work, so I'll not waste all of our time by giving a plot summary and an opinion on each change and character and costume. I'll just highlight some things that made me love this movie.

A) Ella's character.

I love the quote "Have courage and be kind". Not "Be sassy and show women can do anything!" Ella isn't trying to prove anything, or beat anyone, or assert herself. She is simply a girl in an awful situation who is trying to make the best of things. I love that Disney went with a message like that. Now I don't believe that anyone can actually have courage and be truly kind without the Lord, but with the Lord, isn't that an admirable admonition for a Christian, too? Not to be nice to people, or polite, but to be truly kind... One doesn't encounter that often.

*SEMI-SPOILER ALERT* I also love Ella's line, when she is leaving the house with the prince, when she looks back at her stepmother, and simply says, "I forgive you". That, is again a truly Christ-like attitude. Who else could forgive a woman who'd tried again and again to sabotage her happiness, even when it could no longer gain her anything to do so?

B) The feeling of the film.

There are so, so many movies today that are filled with nastiness. Curse words everywhere, sexual innuendo and awkward scenes, brutal violence. Just as bad is the poisonous attitudes of most movies. Kids sass and disobey their parents and it's the parents who apologize at the end of the film. Disrespect for the elder generation as being "outdated", snide comments about people who are decent, bitter rebellion. Even films that seem "better" on the whole still have the female leads who have this need to show that they are better than men, that they can do everything and say witty, biting remarks while they're at it. 

This movie has none of that. No cursing, innuendo, or rebellion. Ella is actually sweet and kind. The relationship between the prince and his father is mutually respectful and loving, despite things on which they don't agree. This is a film that I could wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

C) The set and costumes are a feast for the eyes.

I love how sunny and beautiful this film is.

Add to that a well-written script, humorous lines, clever references to the originals (for those of us who grew up with the animated version) and superb acting (plus a cast filled with recognizable actors), and you have a film I quite like.

Not many times do I finish a movie and immediately decide afterward that I want to own it... but I did after this one.
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  1. I totally agree that being kind is so much more than just being nice or polite. Being truly kind is a rare and wonderful thing!

    This movie is indeed "sunny and beautiful", as you put it so perfectly. ;)

  2. YES! I love how straight-forwardly and unapologetically good this movie is. It isn't trying to be cool or modern or postmodern or new in any way -- it's a beautiful retelling of a beautiful story, and it revels in being such.

  3. Awdur.... This. is. SO. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!! You've quite literally taken my breath away. I'm so so soo glad you just 'went for it.' ;)

    Truly, I just love it!! :)

  4. My family loved this movie! Looking forward to Beauty and the Beast remake.


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