Saturday, January 2, 2016


This is a very brief post to simply announce that I have FINALLY gotten back to writing. The last I wrote was October 24, and only the briefest of paragraphs. Yesterday I wrote a thousand words and today I wrote another thousand. These two thousand words make up the first two thousand (well, 2,183) words of The Arthurian Chronicles: Part Three.
Part three. I've never gotten this far in anything. I just hope I can get to the end and still have the gumption to forge my way through second drafts of this monster.
But! this is a celebratory post, not a forboding one. I bring you the first paragraph of Part Three of the Arthurian Chronicles:

They arrived in Áth Cliath at about teatime, but it seemed much later. Arthur and his eight companions stood with their cloaks pulled up tightly to keep out the fiercely driving rain that poured from the moody sky. Yet the city was still bustling with people, despite the hour and the chill weather. The companions huddled under the eve of a shop, none too eager to step into the rain or the foreign crowd. Even though most of the Irish spoke English, there were those among them who only knew a garbled sort of Welsh. It made Arthur feel very isolated.

77,104 / 90,000 words. 86% done!

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