Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Well, well, well, we are in trouble..."

That is, I am. Because I haven't really written for ages.
Last night I had a dream that Vol- I mean, You-Know-Who, was in love with me. Actually he was only pretending so he could get information or something. And then he stopped pretending and was trying to take something from me. I was holding the closet door shut to keep him out but then he reached through the closet door (I couldn't see his hands but I could feel him grabbing at my wrist and trying to get whatever it was I was keeping from him…). Very strange.
Anyhow. I just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, for the first time, which explains the dream, I suppose.
Writing has pretty much not been happening. Arthur, Gwennie, Winnifred, Dill and everyone else are simply abandoned at this time. I did write a 15-page (that's a short story for me) story about flower faeries a week ago. I finished it one day before my 15th birthday so I suppose it was appropriate.
So yes, I am now 15 (and one week precisely). I don't feel much older. My aunt accidentally sent me a sweet 16 birthday card – I definitely don't feel that old! (I told her she could save money and just not send me a card next year.)
And in a few days, I shall be leaving for a missions trip. A first missions trip. I'm not worried, though. The night before I'll probably be depressed and nervous, but for right now I'm excited (especially about the 70ยบ weather during the day…).

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