Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Beautiful Room

I wanted to share some [poor] pictures of our bedroom. It's really coming together; I've mentioned a few of the things we've added already, but I'll say again. Our room was ugly yellow, with a white bunkbed, two mismatched-somewhat-unattractive bedside tables, three white shelves and a tall white dresser. And it was always messy. And there were random things that didn't go with the rest of the room, like butterfly wall decals (though they were quite pretty) and two blue coat-hook-board-thingies.
It is a lovely pale blue. We have two black iron twin beds. We have this lovely between-the-bed-side-table-windowseat-dresser-thing, and a cream colored desk and a hutch, and three prints and three birdcages on the walls. I suppose I'll just have to put pictures so it makes sense–

Stepping into our room

The two prints above the right bed (mine)
The left bed (my sisters)

Our desk and hutch

Close-up of the cool french cloth in the back of the hutch

Gertrude, the shrewish-looking peacock on the wall between our bedroom door and our closet door.

And Miss Mirab, the cat (duh). :)

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anne-girl things

So, as some of you may know, I am playing Anne in Anne of Green Gables. It's crazy, but true.
My hair is really dark – and so are my eyebrows. We bought a red wig, but with my eyebrows it just looks awful. Awful.
Yesterday these black boots came in the mail. Ohhhhh! They're so gorgeous. They have a 2 ½ inch heel, which is good since I'm right at 5" and there's a line in the second act about how tall and stylish I've grown (FYI, I'm shorter than everyone in the play except one person). They make me so happy about being Anne.
And I'm going to have like 4-5 costumes. I've never had that many. I've never had so many lines either. I have the first line, the last line, and half the lines in between. And the other lines are about Anne. :) I hope this doesn't sound like bragging– it's just so different from any play I've been in before.
Life is hard sometimes, but I'm so blessed. A few days before the cast list came out, I was feeling insecure in Jesus's love. I had just finished Captivating, and I struggling with feeling like I was the Beauty of the story, the herione, you know? I wanted to be Anne of Green Gables, even for a night. To be the one that the Hero loved. I was just telling God how much I wanted him to tell me I was his Lady, that I didn't mind if I wasn't Anne as long as I was his Anne. As long as he loved me. Friends, God is so faithful. It was the very next day that I found out that I was Anne. I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to be Anne. The biggest part I had was Mr. Beaver in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (due to a shortage of boys!). And since I was a boy, that I didn't feel as special.
Anyways, I hope his faithfulness is shown to you this week.
Love through him,
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Life is hard. And good. I'm frustrated and joyful. This day has been so mixed. Chiaroscuro, you know? Light and dark. The morning was good, at first. After breakfast wasn't as good. I was trying to find a skirt pattern which I just couldn't find, and then I wanted to work on the letter with my sister that we're writing to a friend, but didn't have time because I had to go to Biology. But Biology was good – it was cool to look at the amoeba and the spirogyra and the diatoms. That was fun, and when I came home the weather was just perfect. And we worked on our letter and started making oatmeal butterscotch cookies. And then – the cookies weirdly flattened and burned, at the same time as which our dog peed all over the tile in our basement. And his toy basket. And the door. ACH. I wanted to scream, "Why can't things just work out!?!??!" Yet minutes ago I was praising God because I felt like a princess in a swishy skirt even though I'm wearing a t-shirt, jeans that are slightly too big for me, and my hair is kind of a mess.
Life is complex.
We cleaned up the mess. I added some wheat flour to the cookies and reduced the cooking time and they came out perfect. Perfection amid chaos.
I just took some blueberry cornbread muffins (to go with our leftover soup from last night) from the oven. They're perfectly fluffed. It's so easy to forget all the things that go right amidst the things going wrong.
We are hard pressed, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed. (2 Cor. 4:8-9)
I love love songs because when you're unmarried like me, you can sing it like a worship song.

This will be an everlasting love
This will be the one I've waited for
This will be the first time anyone has loved me.

I'm so glad you found me in time
And I'm so glad that you recrefied my mind
This will be an everlasting love for me

Loving you is some kind of wonderful
Because you showed me just how much you care
You've given me the thrill of a lifetime
And made me believe you've got more thrills to spare, oh!

This will be an everlasting love
Oh, yes it will now!

You brought a lot of a sunshine in to my life
You filled me with happiness I never knew
You gave me more joy then I ever dreamed of
And no one, no one can take the place of you

This will be, you and me, yes sir-ee, eternally (literally!)
Hugging and squeezing, and kissing and pleasing,
Together forever throughever whatever.
Yeah yeah yeah you and me

So long as I'm living true love I'll be giving
To you I'll be serving cause you're so deserving
Hey, you're so deserving, you're so deserving
yeah yeah yeah Whoooaaah
Love, love, love, love, love, love

love, love, love, love
love, love, love, love, love love,
love, love, love, love

From now on,

From now on,
From now on....
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week!

Another post during Celebrate Musicals Week! (Okay, I'm not tired of the word "musical" yet, but I am tired of writing Celebrate Musicals Week. Henceforth, I call it CMW.)
As already said, my musical is My Fair Lady. I love My Fair Lady; I love the music, the costumes, the time period, the romance…
But it's been a while since I've actually watched MFL. So I decided not to do a review after all.
I will, instead chatter on about my favorite characters and about the brilliant actors that play them.
And I must show some of my favorite videos. I love this song. It doesn't show the beginning, so if you want to see the beginning you'll have to look here (though it's blurry and has strange subtitles).

I simply love her dress and her hair. Audrey Hepburn is such an amazing actress. She conveys Eliza's character so well. Eliza is angry, sometimes desperate, then haughty, then despairing, then bubbling with happiness, then hurt. Audrey does it all without it feeling awkward.

Marni Nixon, who sings for her in the movie, has a beautiful voice, too, stronger and clearer than Audrey Hepburn's. I can see why they chose her to do it, but I love Audrey Hepburn's voice. It's kind of sad that she didn't sing for herself. However, we have Youtube now! With people who can edit videos!

So, without further ado, Audrey Hepburn singing the song that comes after Rain in Spain.
You can also watch Audrey singing in Just You Wait and Without You!

I love this song. Love, love, love this song. When you watch this, you know why she went back to him. (Even though he did treat her like a flower girl sometimes). Her heart was lonely. No one had given her kindness or love, or even just payed attention to her. 
But being treated like a servant still hurt her. So when she went back to him, he should have humbled himself and ran to her and kissed her. She wanted to be pursued, not taken for granted. Still, after you see him singing "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" you know he does (secretly) wish her back. Secretly wish he hadn't behaved that way. Ashamed of how he acted, yet too proud to ask her for forgiveness. Rex Harrison does such a good job in the role. You don't exactly admire him, but you can empathize with him. After all, we've all succumbed to pride before.
I do admire Colonel Pickering (despite the fact that he gives Higgins all the glory in "You Did It"). Because even when Eliza couldn't talk good grammar, he treated her kindly. Fun fact: In the play Pygmaleon, which My Fair Lady is based on, Eliza marries Freddy, who squanders their money, and Col. Pickering ends up taking care of them. So yay for Col. Pickering! (why don't we abbreviate Colonel as just C. instead of Col.? It's so much faster!)
Anyway, sorry for the lateness and the shortness, but I gotta go eat dinner.
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