Monday, January 27, 2014

Once upon a time...

There was a boy named Arthur. And there was a Lady, named Awdur. And Awdur loved this little boy as her own son. Awdur took care of him – punishing him when necessary and giving him little presents when she could – from when he was born in January 2012 to summer 2012. But then she had some other adopted babies to take care of. Maurelle was born in Fall 2012. Dill was born in 2013. And somehow, though she never intended it to happen, Arthur was left alone.
But no more! Awdur remembered poor little Arthur, left by himself, and she said, "I still love you, Arthur, dear." And soon Arthur was taken out of his bed, dusted off, and she set about getting him a new set of clothes.
So if Awdur has a bit of an absence around here, or if she randomly posts snippets containing a boy named Arthur, you now understand why.
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  1. I'm glad Arthur is back!!!

  2. I'm glad Arthur is back to!


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