Monday, September 8, 2014

Beautiful People: Araldon

Here we are, and it's time for Beautiful People again!

So, this is technically for villains. And although Lord Araldon is not "the villain" of my story, he marries Gwennie and so he is a villain of a man. It counts. Really.

1. What is their motive:
Okay, so this is hard, because he personally doesn't have a motive for his villainous action. He was told to do so by his superior because it was politically a good idea (you know, the motives for a good deal of noble marriages back in the Middle Ages). He's just following orders. He'd prefer not to marry Gwennie. He'd rather have his own life.

2. What do they want and what are they prepared to do to get it?
Lord Araldon is a handsome young man, smart, strong, but not overly ambitious. He is willing to help his master overthrow King Arthur because he'd like to be settled comfortably in his own castle. One day, he'd like to settle down, but currently he likes being the object of multiple young ladies. When forced to marry Gwennie, she's a little too spunky and less in awe of him than he'd like. He would, quite bluntly, be happy if she died and left him to be a happy bachelor, drinking, riding in tournaments, and flirting again.

3. How do they deal with conflict?
He is the oldest of three brothers, and when he and his younger brothers would argue, he would simply knock them down. Not a great way of dealing with conflict. Nowadays, when knocking people down isn't always convenient or politically correct, he uses words. He is not brutish, but actually pretty smart and perceptive. He will use what he knows about you to hurt you. And if all this fails and you are unintimidated, he becomes passive aggressive.

4. Describe their current place of residence.
Araldon lives in the castle, like most of the knights and lords. His chambers are on the southwest side of the castle (the back and to the left); they are very nice. High ceilings, one or two expensive tapestries on the walls, a large oak bedstead, elegant sconces, that sort of thing.

5. If they were writing this story, how would it end?
Gwennie would die, his master would conquer, and he'd be rewarded handsomely for his trouble.

6. What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to them?
I always have a hard time with these kind of questions. Umm… I don't know of any speech patterns. He clenches his jaw when angry. He drums his fingers while having conversations.

7. How do they show love? What do they like to do with/for people they love?
He likes to spar verbally with people he loves.  Most likely, if you and he are friends, you like to eat, fight, banter back and forth, do the things he like to do, so that would be what you would do together. If he wanted to do something for you, he'd probably buy you something.

8. Do they have any pets?
He has a horse, but it is not a pet.

9. Where would they go to relax or think?
Probably he'd take a ride if he wanted to think. He's not fond of horses but he does like to gallop across the moors. To relax, he'd go to the Great Hall or to a tournament. He likes fighting and eating.

10. What is their weapon of choice?
A sword. But he is not above using his own two hands or his words.

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  1. "less in awe of him than he'd like" - I can see that Araldon might have a problem with this. Thanks for sharing! (came here through Notebook Sisters and the Beautiful People link-up)

  2. Araldon sounds like the mischievous dude. Not darkly villainous, but a bit warped? I'm feeling sorry for Gwennie! And all that knocking people down...I'd probably steer clear. ;)
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I await your next bit of Arthur with great impatience and tapping of fingers.

  4. I await the day where I will have time to address Arthur as well.
    The next part shall come not as an addition onto the end but of an inserting more about this guy. Starting on page 34, most likely.


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