Monday, October 20, 2014

Blogging Event at To Write Or Not To Write!

I've participated in a blogging event–link-up-thing! The Author at To Write or Not To Write has posted a collection of tragic death scenes , and I have contributed. It is in fact, the next part in the story The Girls Who Are Not Princesses Who Dance Every Night Starting From A Certain Night and Who Sell Flowers. So pop on over and read 'em!
So, my sister is a senior this year. Which means I'll soon be the only bird left in the nest, since my other sister is already graduated (with baby on way!). Whoa. That's a scary thought. Remind me not to think it again.

On a different note, this is, in fact, the 100th post on this blog. Who would've thunk? This blog has had numerous reformattings, a variety of posts, and at least once I considered quitting and deleting it. Since May 2012 I have shared my thoughts, snippets, and [very occasionally] a recipe, review or tutorial of sorts. Thanks for letting me ramble!
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