Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Plot Bunny Strikes Again!

A.K.A., I have a new idea for a story. Here's a snippet.

It was men’s voices that she heard. Of course, one would be the master, but who could the other one be? Mrs. Cox paused with her tea tray and leaned her head against the door to listen.
“I only came for some rest, sir.” The unfamiliar voice was strange in Mrs. Cox’s ears; she hadn’t heard another voice for ever so long.
“No, you didn’t! That’s a lie.” The master.
The stranger was smart. He didn’t try to deny it.
“I don’t know if I can let you leave. You may be a danger.”
“Please, sir, I have a family I must return to,” the stranger’s voice was ever-so-slightly strained.
“Sure you do. And what are their names? Falsehood and Deception?”
“I have two sons, full-grown strapping boys. And a daughter, nearly a lady now.”
“A daughter?” There was an almost imperceptible change in the master’s voice; only one as familiar with his gruff tones as Mrs. Cox was would have noticed. “How old?”
“Seventeen, and very beautiful. If I’m not there to look after her, she might be stolen away by any sort of man.”
“Well, then, I shall let you go,” the master replied. “On this condition: that your daughter returns as my captive in your place.”
Forgetting her master’s uncanny hearing, Mrs. Cox gasped.

“Why don’t you bring in the tea instead of listening at the keyhole?” Her master called. As always, she obeyed.

This is from The Castle of Caliour, a Beauty and the Beast retelling (if that isn't apparent).
I must fly to finish it, so au revoir.
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