Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Letters

I've seen this done on several different blogs, and it's a fun way to tell about what's going on in my life right now without writing one long ramble. So I'm doing it!

Dear Howl's Moving Castle,
You captured my interest in the first few pages. I immediately had to get your sequel (which had disappointingly little of Howl in it). I must say, Howl, you really need to act your age. But even though you don't… I'm still hooked.

Dear Harry Potter book series,
You think you're so great. Everyone obsesses about you. Because… you are. (Obviously, since book five is interesting enough that you can keep me from the third Howl's Moving Castle). 

Dear Sewing Machines,
I really wish you worked for me. My hand stitches are just not as neat as yours (even if it is romantic to sew by hand). Get well soon.

Dear Baby Niece,
You are still very unreal to me, as I think you'll stay until you're born (which better be soon! Thursday would be preferable). I'm not yet excited about you – just like I wouldn't be excited if someone offered to take me to Narnia since it's completely fake and impossible. However, I'm sure it will be love at first sight.

Dear baby blanket,
You are taking forever. Get a move on!

Dear Lord of the Rings,
You've recaptured my heart after I searched your pages for food for our Hobbit party (sadly the movie that's roughly based on the Hobbit did not deliver). I foresee myself rewatching your movies and rereading your various books in the future.

Dear Alice in Wonderland radio drama,
I'm still a little skeptical about you, but I think you've got a lot of fun hidden in your microphones and sound effects. Being the Queen of Hearts is simply an honor, and one I trust you shall make very enjoyable.

Dear piano,
You sure can be frustrating… and thrilling… and painful… and everywhere in between. It's been nearly eight years we've been together. You're disgruntling, exacting, stubborn, and wonderful. Let's get through eight more years without killing each other, shall we?

Dear fairy tales,
You know how much I love you, and have always loved you. The castles, the princes, the magic... We've spent a lot of time together, especially in the last semester. You produced White Roses and The Castle of Caliour, while giving me increasing enjoyment through this, and this, and this, to name a few. Please stick around!

Dear writing,
I've had to abandon you for a little while. Other things in my life are more important/more time consuming right now. As soon as I can, we will be reunited. Until then,

 Lady Awdur

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  1. I love this post! What a wonderful way to document your life. You have a FULL life!


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