Sunday, July 26, 2015

I say!

That is a quote from a movie I just watched. Actually, it's a quote from a lot of British things, but specifically I'm referring to Jeeves and Wooster, which my dear twin convinced me to watch. Being British, set in the early 20th century, and recommended by her, I naturally enjoyed it.
This is a combo post,  in which I share a few little letters and a few little snippets.

Dear Frances,
Being your aunt is every bit as fun as I thought it would be. Seeing you two days in a row makes me miss you terribly on Thursdays. Please feel free to chew on my shoulder anytime you want. 

Dear Harry Potter,
What?! Done already? And seven books always seemed like so much. They ended better than I could have foreseen.

Dear Jeeves and Wooster,
I've seen less than two episodes yet already a fan. You both can do the best faces. Jeeves... you crack me up with your oh-so-polite persuasion.

Dear Summer,
You're flying by so fast, especially since my last month is filling up already. What with so much traveling, I haven't had a lot of time to really enjoy you. But then, I'll be glad for less heat (thank you for all the rain, though).

Dear Fast-approaching Junior Year,
I'm really looking forward to the fall. Advanced Biology homework? Not so much. Being in my last two years of high school? Aiieee. Drama? Very much so. I really do take pleasure in schoolwork, though the time off in summer is quite necessary. So please come towards me in an unhurried way, but know I shall enjoy you when you do arrive.

Dear French Language,
While being quite beautiful and enjoyable to learn, sometimes the way you work seems illogical. I just don't see why every word has to be female or male (although in the case of animals it is sensible and useful). Nor does it make any sense to me why the entire sentence has to change to plural form if you want to make one word plural. Why can't you just add an "s" to the end of the noun? A few things about you do make more sense than English, I admit, such as having animal nouns be female or male. I suppose I just have to accept the rest.

Dear Arthur,
I'm very glad to be working with you so much these days. We have finished Part One together already. The word count meter currently says 39283 words of 65000, which means I'm supposedly 60% done. What I think it actually means is that this book is going to be longer than 65,000 words! I'm getting very attached to you and all of your friends (and enemies, incidentally). I'm sorry to say you have much to go through before you get through this war; I really do feel bad about those who won't make it with you. You're in a story, though, so it's for the greater good and all that.

Clockwise from bottom left: Merlin, Rayfus, Gwennie, Arthur, Virgil, Vivian, Kay

I'm wary of posting too many snippets from Arthur because if I should publish, I don't want too many spoilers on the internet. That is why I have hesitated from posting any lately. I shall content myself with just a few short ones.


Arthur was entirely surrounded by people, like a crowded market day. But this was nothing like market day. The men did not stop to greet him or push past calling their wares or pause to wave at friends. They did not smile. The faces he saw were grim. The voices he heard were screaming. For this was a battle, not a market.

Arthur found his arm was bleeding, though he had no memory of being injured. The clatter of metal and the war-cries of desperate men filled his ears, and Arthur was desperate with them, clinging to the hope that Rayfus knew what he was doing.

Arthur laughed. Once he laughed once, he laughed again, laughed hard and unstoppably. Even to his own ears, his laugh sounded foreign, loud and empty, not like his usual quiet chuckle. He laughed that strange ringing laugh until he cried, until tears ran down his face and into his untrimmed stubbly beard as unstoppable as his laughter.
It felt like someone was pouring a bucket of thin pond slime on top of Arthur’s head; it dripped slowly all the way down his body. The substance was warm, though not unpleasantly so; it rather tickled. He held still with difficulty.

All of the snippets are sad ones today (except for that last one, which is just plain strange).

See you later – or rather, talk to you later (not when you talk to me, since you won't; in fact, it should be "write to you later"). Au revoir!
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  1. Nice snippets, but they were sad. I have never heard of Jeeves and Wooster, but I adore most things that are British. I think I will have to watch it.


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