About The Writer

This picture is more or less me (umm, except the pet deer)

Mae Govannen! I'm Awdur (OW-deer, Welsh for "writer"). I am an average female of diminutive proportions and rather odd tastes. I seek to follow the Lord in all that I do. Occasionally I write posts. More often I read old ones and cringe, or snoop around on other people's blogs when I should be studying.

Some things about me:
I'm a writer (bet you couldn't have guessed that). 

I'm eighteen on the outside, eighty-two on the inside.

I sometimes say I was born in the wrong time, because seriously, I often feel I'd be more suited to the Middle Ages. I'm very old fashioned and kind of a history nut.

Although I'm now going to college, I was homeschooled since first grade and basically I'm still a homeschooler. Yes, I have friends. No, I have never worn pajamas to school.

 I am a literature connoisseur. Mostly I read classics and fairy tales.

Janeite. Tolkienist. House elf.

 Although you'd never find me saying I'm really "in to" music, I have played piano since 2007, and recently endeavoured to learn the violin. Though I have little time for either nowadays, I do love to sit down and play.

I enjoy sewing, embroidering, knitting (mostly baby stuff for my adorable niece and nephew) and darning socks.

I may not have mentioned that I love tea.
I like to dance in the Regency style (I have had the privilege of dancing briefly in the Upper Rooms in Bath, and yesitwasgorgeousandwonderful).

Many of my posts concern healthy eating. My diet has evolved greatly over the past 5 years, from paleo, to pescatarian, to dairy free, etc. Nowadays I eat a modified paleo diet: I eat very little meat (mostly fish) or dairy, avoid sugar and wheat, and generally try to eat whole, organic, natural foods. Some of my recipes reflect this, while others fit better with other stages in the health journey.

I have two older sisters, an adorable toddler niece, and a newborn nephew. Plus three or four non-blood sisters, a twin and two brothers.

I live in Kansas, of the United States, and though I would ADORE living in the UK, it is home and I am definitely a Kansas girl. BUT I love the queen with a loyalty as great as any legal subject.

If you haven't figured it out already, I'm an old soul. If these few things about me correspond to any of your sentiments, stick around.



  1. Hello Kindred Spirit! I found your blog, and I was like oh my goodness! :0 I am a Christian teenager too, and I LOVE LOTR! I will definitely be reading it. :)

    1. How lovely to hear from you, MiddleEarthMusician! Always nice to find kindred spirits!
      (I noticed your picture is a violin... do you play? I just started lessons!)

  2. Yes, actually; I've been playing for a few years now. Awesome that you started as well! Do you like it?

    1. So far it's uphill work, but I think I'm going to. :)

  3. I know what you mean. 😉 Are you learning Classical, Fiddle, or something else?

    1. Um... I'm a very ignorant person. :) I assume classical?

  4. That's what I play. It's generally movie scores, Bach, Mozart, Hymns, that sort of thing. :)

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  6. We are totally birds of a feather!

    I'm nineteen. I'm an English Country Dancer. I'm a homeschooled Christian. I sew. I'm a history nut. I've played piano since I was nine, and I really like Grieg, Chopin, and Debussy. I have NOT been to the UK and I do not live in the midwest. I'm a historical costumer.


    1. Hi Michaela! Blogger has been difficult for me, and although I tried to respond to your comment directly after you posted it, my own blog wasn't letting me post comments for a while...??
      I'm always thrilled to hear from a kindred spirit! (And particularly homeschooler. That fact alone makes me glad to see your comment. :P ) English country dancing is not so common... That's cool that you know the YAPD and RD authors too!

  7. Also, the blog author of Regency Delight and Yet Another Period Drama blog are my personal friends.


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