Sunday, August 11, 2013

General Update from Minas Galen

Hello, all. I know I just blogged yesterday, but there are some important things to be said.
One, my dog Murphy got shaved yesterday. He is so bare and pink. I feel almost bad petting him because he seems so tiny and vulnerable. But he smells much better now, so I'm glad.
Another thing, I just wanted to share some blessings God has been sharing with me. A few days ago, I was reading my Bible, and Crazy Love (by Francis Chan) and I felt that God wanted me to give fifty dollars more. Let me explain. A friend and I are doing a bakesale fundraiser to purchase some things from World Vision, and I think we made a goal of a couple hundred dollars. But I felt that God was saying, "Try me on this. Do fifty more dollars." And if he didn't provide it through the bakesale, I knew he could provide it through me. And guess what:
On Thursday my sister Nan and I babysat my friend's baby sister (a 1½ year old, very adorable but very  tiring – I had to drink a cup of coffee, I was so tired!) all day. The next day, we babysat for two other kids for two hours. And yesterday, we watched the same kids for one hour. So how much money do you think is in my wallet now?
Fifty dollars. God is already providing, and we aren't having the bakesale until September 21.
And then the blessing of last night. Do all of you know that the Perseids is going on right now? The Perseids is an annual meteor shower. The peak night is tonight and Monday night. We went last night, even though it wasn't the peak, because you have to go late at night to see them well.
Seriously, if you've never done this, DO IT. This is the second time I've done it. It was spectacular. We saw about 40-45 meteors, some tiny, some quick, a few slow, and one really cool one that we all saw. It was copper colored, with a really long tail (some of us think it had two tails).
This is something that I think everyone should experience. Take a blanket, go find a field away from the city and just lie down and watch. We got there around 11 and stayed till 1. Seriously, it was so amazing. To just lie in awe, even though you grow tired, is beyond describing. But pack warmly, because it's cold out there (cold, in August? Who would've thought?). :)
Only three weeks until Reading Buddies. Wow. I never thought the summer would end. Once again, I entreat everyone who can to look into Reading Buddies and similar programs at their schools. You will be abundantly blessed.
Blessings on your week –
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