Saturday, August 3, 2013

A black nose

Not black all over. Just a little grayish. And black on the inside, oddly enough.
So – contrary to what my previous post about our bedroom remodeling says, we actually painted our bedroom a lovely blue gray. Very pale. Very gentle and calming. I think it's perfect.
And our white iron beds – well, we found them (in the form of a blue bed and a gray one), and today we are painting them. We decided on black instead of white. So that, people, is why the inside of my nose is black. And why my feet are grayish.
I helped spray paint the headboard of one bed, and I stepped out of the little booth my dad made by hanging plastic sheets. I stepped out because the heavy smell of the paint was noxious. My nose felt as though there was still a paint cloud hanging around it. I touched my nose – and my finger had black spots on it.
Even now, an hour later, black stuff comes out of my nose. :) Ah, well.
Live long and prosper!
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  1. Aw, the colors for your room sound adorable! You really must take a picture of it when it is all done and post it so that we can all see it. :)


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