Monday, April 21, 2014

50 Million Names

Her name is Naomi. Not very long ago, she was as real and alive as those who read this now. She was not a lump of tissues, not an unformed zygote; she was alive, she was human, though very small and, yes, unborn. 
She is dead; yet it seems strange to say that, dying unborn like she did. Seems strange to say she is dead as if she just disappeared and is gone. No! Just as He was resurrected, she is with Him now, this moment. One day I shall see her for the first time and tell her how I gave her her name. It's hard to believe that this isn't just symbolism; she's a baby who was murdered (so what if that sounds harsh? I'm sorry – that's what it is!!) who I had the privilege of naming through 50 Million Names.

50 Million Names Project is a grassroots campaign (a campaign that begins with ordinary people, not political officials or the like) that was started to honor the 50 million babies who have been aborted in America (though the number is more than that now) by naming them. I quote from the website, "Naming these children helps heal the wounds of family members, abortionists, and of our nation. Honoring them acknowledges the reality of their short lives, and connects Namers to their prayer intentions – for [the babies']… family members, and for the abortionists and witnesses who are now intimately connected with these babies."

Though I'm not personally connected with anyone who has had an abortion or a miscarriage, I believe 50MNP is a wonderful thing. (They still need many names, so stop by their website. At least check it out.) It feels good to know that Naomi is real and I can pray for her family and abortionist and know that she is with God.

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