Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Matilda, and et cetera.

Well. It's been a bit, hasn't it? I've been gone, so I should get a little grace because of that. While I was gone we went to see Matilda! The Broadway show! One of my favorites:

In the slip of a bolt, there's a tiny revolt. /The seeds of a war in the creak of a floorboard./ A storm can begin, with the flap of a wing./ The tiniest mite packs the mightiest sting!/ Every day, starts with the tick of a clock./ All escapes, start with the click of a lock!/ If you're stuck in your story and want to get out/ You don't have to cry, you don't have to shout!/ 'Cause if you're little you can do a lot/You mustn't let a little thing like little stop you

No height jokes, now.

So, you know when you go to the eye doctor and he puts the thing in front of your eyes and says "Which is clearer, one or two?" And you answer "Two" and he says "Alright, two or three?" And you say "Two" and he says "So is two better, here's two, or four?" And then you say…

No? Just my eye doctor?
Well, you get the idea anyway. My blog is rather a conglomeration of things right now, so it will be undergoing some minor changes over the next weeks or months or however long it takes me. I'll have polls up on the side and you can say whether two is better or three or four, et cetera and et cetera.
Ta-ta for now!
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