Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I need help with Maurelle's story. I have a character named Jacque, and I am trying hard to not make him perfect. I am having trouble coming up with faults for him, though. This is his personality:
He is in the last stage of training to become a knight. He is humble, very protective, and loyal. He wants to do his duty as best he can and to become a knight. He is good at tracking (as in going-through-the-woods-following-a-trail).
I don't want him to be perfect, but I can't think of faults that he might have. Are there any suggestions?


  1. He could be clumsy.

  2. A good flaw would be one that hinders him from his goal. Since he wants to be a good knight, maybe he's very forgetful, or he's clumsy.

  3. Thank you both – clumsy or forgetful would both be good. I also thought about making him jealous.


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