Saturday, May 4, 2013

Winter days

This is my dog, dressed for the weather. Even with all his fur, he needs a cap for these brisk, winter mornings! Though 42º (Mr. Weatherman says it feels like 32º) isn't bad for winter... On May 4, however, it's a bit strange.
I usually don't blog about the weather. It's usually not an interesting topic. But considering that only last Tuesday I was blogging about how considerably hot it was, and just last Thursday we had snow here, I thought it worth mentioning.
(Note: This picture was actually taken in February, but I thought it fit.)

Anyway, I love blustery weather and the excuse of being able to wear cardigans and scarves a little longer – though I rather hope it will be more springy by my birthday.
It's a lovely world: full of surprises and unexpected turns! I asked for cold; and here we are!

This is what I feel like: Rainy and Romantic; I feel like curling up with some Beatrix Potter and a cup of tea...


  1. So,is your favorite season winter? My favorite season is fall. Your dog is so cute and fluffy!

  2. Fall and Winter – just not summer. :)


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