Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, we've been quite busy here in Minas Galen/Green Acres/Green Gardens. Pardon me, inside joke which only my sister will get. :)
My mother is in a play – a musical, in fact – let's not be secretive, it's Ragtime! It's a splendid, extremely dramatic, 35-scene (and singing [note: mute the sound in this song from 5 minutes 44 seconds (4:44) to 5 min 57 sec (5:57) ] in nearly every single scene ), 50+ member cast.  This is the last weekend of the show. Tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. For the last two months, "everything is Ragtime" (to be grammatically correct, that would be 'everything has been Ragtime' but I wanted to quote).
And next Wednesday, we depart for a journey of extreme length (5 hour drive there and back) which shall whisk me away for some time (not that it shall be noticed, since I don't blog very regularly). We'll be exploring the city and seeing my dear cousin (and aunt and uncle) for a week.
I wish I had more to say – it doesn't sound so busy, but between redoing our room and my dad's work schedule and my mom's play schedule, the last few weeks have been crazy.
Speaking of redoing our room, I have a picture to show. It's a rather blurry, dark picture because I am not a photographer.

You see, we had a shelving system attached to the wall. Every little dot is a hole in the wall. The brown patches are where the drywall is showing because it peeled all the paint and the paper off the wall. But even though it's extremely ugly, it is also good, because it means that tomorrow we paint! Blue, beautiful blue.
Fare thee well!
 photo awdursignature_zps319c67b7.png

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