Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm back!

I'm back! A lovely trip, but deliciously wonderful to be home. Today was a day of resuming – slipping back into the normal life. A usual Monday. Kitchen duties, lots of reading, and ballet at 5, of course. I dearly enjoy ballet, but it makes me hungry. (Notice I already used the word delicious?) I really like chassés.  It's a sort of slide with one foot leading, and then we leap in between. Chassés always feel so ladylike and graceful and slide-y and glide-y. :) Next week is our last class until September. I wish it wasn't…
But I suppose I need to get to writing that last chapter of Maurelle. Farewell, friends!

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  1. Did any other email subscribers get an email alerting you of this old post? I did . . .


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