Thursday, July 4, 2013

Writing and Beautiful Music

I really don't have time to blog write now, since I'm in the middle of editing Maurelle (almost finished, and then the last chapter - wheeee!), but this song started playing in my writing playlist, so I just had to share.!/s/Walking+On+Water/gBAXo?src=5

From an extremely romantic movie, Ever After.
I hope to share some snippets soon but I'd like to finish first.
So off to editing I go! Oh, and happy Independence day! (I feel like there should be a song for the fourth… sort of like the birthday song. You know, like 'Happy Fourth-of-July to us, happy Fourth-of-July to us…' or maybe, 'Happy Independence day to you, happy Independence day to you…'  if you prefer to call it by it's proper name.)
As Evelyn Nesbit would say, Wheeeeee!
 photo awdursignature_zps319c67b7.png

P.S. I do not in any way endorse Evelyn Nesbit. She's a character in a play that my mom is currently in.

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  1. The song sounded very pretty! I really liked it! And Happy 4th of July to you to! I can't wait to see the snippets!


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